Teri Hatcher

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Is Teri Hatcher a hacking victim, too?!

The Desperate Housewives star has sued a former employee, claiming the woman copied thousands of emails from Hatcher's computer.

And this plotline is worthy of any nighttime soap. Jennifer Glassman, the ex-staffer, had already sued Hatcher for supposedly offering her a partnership at her production company and then unceremoniously firing her a bit later after running her ragged.

But what sort of stuff could Glassman find out about her then-boss by reading emails her computer contained?

Hatcher claims, in court documents filed March 7 and obtained by E! News, that those letters contained details about her health and personal relationships, as well as work-related emails that detailed different opportunities she was considering beyond Desperate Housewives.

The show, which has been overshadowed the last few weeks by the almost-over legal battle between former star Nicollette Sheridan and ABC Entertainment (and Marc Cherry, before the judge dismissed Sheridan's battery charge against him), signs off May 13 after eight seasons.

Hatcher's complaint states that Glassman came to work for her ISBE Productions in 2006 as a contracted consultant and Disney opted to bring her on exclusively to work for Hatcher's company the following year—which, the suit states, required Glassman to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The actress maintains that Glassman resigned from her position in February 2010, requesting that she get a severance package and maintain "only a personal relationship and not a business relationship" with Hatcher.

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