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Oh, Revenge. Why do you have to keep getting dropping such fantastic bombs on us?

The series is not slowing down in its final episodes, and we have a glimpse at one of the big-bad reasons why.

Plus, scoop on The Vampire Diaries, Smash, Teen Wolf, Bones, CSI: NY, Pretty Little Liars, How I Met Your Mother and Grimm...

earthlovergirl: Please tell me Daniel is going to be OK on Revenge? I'm Team Daniel all the way and Emily can throw Jack under the bus for all I care.
Ahem, we will pretend you did not just say that (we are Team Daniel and Jack and don't you dare make us choose!), and tell you that Daniel is gonna get out of going to prison, thanks to some hard-core deviousness on the part of his mother, Victoria. Madeleine Stowe (Victoria) reveals: "I'm going to do something pretty shocking to help my son Daniel that is so morally obectionable, the audience I think will really have to stop and think about it and struggle with it...I can tell you that I will do anything, and I do mean anything, for my son." It's possible this may be what Emily VanCamp is referring to when she says there will be a deal breaker in the Emily-Jack-Daniel love triangle. "Her mind is changed almost permanently I would imagine." And Josha Bowman (Daniel) teases this glimmer of hope: "There may be some redemption for Daniel at the end of the season."

Brant in Hollywood: So obsessed with Smash! What's next?
Nick Jonas is back! And in the season finale, no less. We hear that he won't just be popping up to dreamily serenade us; he'll actually have a more integral part in the Marilyn musical. Or their attempt to make the Marilyn musical without all going absolutely insane.

Teen Wolf Cast


Erika from Orlando: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, any info on whether or not Teen Wolf is coming back for a second season would be greatly appreciated.
Where've you been Erika?! Teen Wolf's set to return to MTV this summer for its second season and they're bringing more werewolves into the mix, including a female werewolf! "There will be new werewolves rounding out Derek's pack because the stronger his pack, the stronger Derek becomes," creator Jeff Davis tells us of newly-minted Alpha Derek's (Tyler Hoechlin) plans in the new season. So is Jackson (Colton Haynes) one of the newbie wolves? We're not spilling, but we will say you'll learn why he wants to become a werewolf.

xoxo_tuna: anything Glee related to help us get through this hiatus?
Hm…how about that the Fox hit is currently looking to cast an imposing theatrical grande dame who would appear this season and next? Could this possibly have to do with Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel's (Lea Michele) post-McKinley high plans? Time will tell…

Alex O'Loughlin

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GregoryBen: Just curious about Hawaii Five-O and if Alex O'Loughlin's time off for rehab affects the crossover with NCIS: LA?
Yep. Originally, Alex was going to star in both parts of the crossover (in Los Angeles and Hawaii), and now it is Daniel Dae Kim (Jin and tonic, anyone?) and Scott Caan who will be coming to L.A. to shoot with Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J on the NCIS: Los Angeles set.

Gary: Got any goods on Grimm?
Daniel Radcliffe is coming! Yes…really! OK, no, that's not true and that was mean of us, but a Woman in Black will be coming to the NBC supernatural show, and wouldn't you know it, isn't a supernatural creature! It's better: she's a fellow Grimm.

GVal21: I need PLL scoop on the finale, what will happen with the plot once A is revealed?
Don't worry, Pretty Little Liars' plot will still move at breakneck speed even after the devious "A" is revealed. We chatted with producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan, who tells us that the season-two finale can also be seen as "a beginning" for the ABC Family hit series and that Rosewood will always provide drama for each of the girls. Phew!

xcarlycohen: it's my birthday and I demand How I Met Your Mother scoop :)
How can we deny you scoop on your birthday? That would just be slap-worthy, now wouldn't it? Prepare for a flashback to…2003! We will be meeting a former girlfriend of Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) who liked it very dirty. Sounds like a match made in heaven! Speaking of Mr. Stinson, in the same episode he will be getting a male admirer…a married male admirer!

Theresa189: Please tell me Torrey DeVitto is staying on Vampire Diaries! I love to see her all psycho à la Nanny Carrie from One Tree Hill.
I can tell you that Torrey is still in Atlanta (so that's a good sign), but you will not get your full wish, because you can't be so sure she's the sociopath based on what you saw in the latest episode. Thursday's episode just might be our favorite ever and it is not to be missed!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Johnni Macke

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