Jason Isaacs, Awake

Lewis Jacobs/NBCJason Isaacs

Britten (Jason Isaacs) is clearly having a rough time on Awake alternating between two realities without going crazy. But in the green reality in this week's episode, someone else is having a really bad start to their day.

Well, make that two someone's. In our exclusive first look at Thursday's episode, "Guilty," Britten's son Rex (Dylan Minnette) and his friend Tara (Michaela McManus) get into a fender bender that quickly turns into their worst nightmare…

"Guilty" revolves around the kidnapping of Britten's son (seen below in the clip), by an escaped convict. In the other reality, Britten's wife Hannah (Laura Allen) gets upset when he misses an event honoring their departed son because he's working on tracking a missing boy. And as usual, Britten will question his sanity trying to juggle both realities and solve each crime.

Basically, it's a bad day for everyone. Check out a first look at Awake's new episode below:

Awake airs Thursday nights on NBC (NBC and E! are both part of the NBCUniversal family).

Are you digging this show as much as we are? How many more episodes before Britten goes completely bonkers?

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