Aww, we can all agree that Amandla Stenberg is the most adorable tribute ever, right?! And she did not disappoint when she hit the charcoal and gold carpet at last night's Hunger Games premiere—just listen to her sweet remarks about costar Jennifer Lawrence!

In fact, the whole group of District hopefuls—some recognizable mugs (like Leven Rambin and Isabelle Fuhrman) but mostly first timers (à la Jacqueline Emerson and Jack Quaid)—seemed beyond excited when they caught up with our own Ashlan Gorse and Catt Sadler.

Hear what they had to say about training, their hottie costars and those infamous dance parties:

Leven Rambin aka Glimmer!

One of the lucky few to have seen bits of the film prior to the premiere (and have one of the most gruesome deaths, too!), Leven dishes on a few fan surprises.

Isabelle Fuhrman aka Clove!

The actress (who gets to go head-to-head with J.Law in the flick) reveals that she's read the entire Hunger Games series 13 times!

Dayo Okeniyi aka Thresh!

The actor rocks his mockingjay pin on his lapel. Plus, get the lowdown on the "trailer parties" that happened on set in North Carolina.

Jacqueline Emerson aka Foxface!

Get the scoop on the redhead's crafty role as Foxfaceand find out which scene she's looking forward most to watching (hint: It doesn't end well for her)!

Jack Quaid aka Marvel!

The actor opens up about the support he's received from his famous parents Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. Plus, hear secrets from the set!

Kalia Prescott aka District 3 Tribute!

The District 3 actress loves the following The Hunger Games film has received. Hear her reaction to the fans camped outside of the premiere.

Ian Nelson aka District 3 Tribute!

The young tribute from District 3 dishes on crazy fan-demonium. Hear his funny fan momentsincluding a few starstuck moms!

Ethan Jamieson aka District 4 Tribute!

One of the youngest tributes gabs about picking out his snazzy red-carpet outfit. Plus, hear which actor he's most looking forward to meeting.

Tara Macken aka District 4 Tribute!

The District 4 tribute and stuntwoman describes the ridiculous fun the cast had filming the flick. Plus, find out how they bonded with her fellow tributes.

Mackenzie Lintz aka District 8 Tribute!

The District 8 tribute shares her excitement about seeing the film for the first time! Find out what she's looking forward to most.

Annie Thurman aka District 9 Tribute!

The District 9 actress explains why she wanted the role after reading The Hunger Games book. Plus, hear what other tribute she often gets mistaken for.

Dakota Hood aka District 10 Tribute!

The actress dishes on how long she had to keep her role as a District 10 tribute a secret. Plus, hear what she has in her clutch on the black and gold carpet.

So now tell us, Awful readers and loyal Mockingjays, who's your fave tribute—besides Katniss and Peeta, of course!

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