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These battle rounds are no joke!

Last week we already said goodbye to six singers on The Voice, and tonight we have to part ways with more, as the head-to-head vocal showdowns continued.

So who had to challenge their teammate tonight in hopes of making it to the next round? 

The Voice, Christina Aguilera

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Team Christina

First up were Sera Hill and Geoff McBride from Christina Aguilera's team singin' Aretha Franklin's hit, "Chain of Fools."

Right away, Sera was surprised with Geoff's intensity and ability to hit the high notes, so she said she had to bring her "diva card" out more. Meanwhile, you could tell Christina was so pumped by this pair of powerhouses by her ooohs and constant hand waves.

Xtina hooked Geoff up with mentor Lionel Richie, which got the competitor nervous and starstruck. But those nerves were nowhere to be seen, because once the music started, he belted out the first few lyrics and caused Lionel to step back in astonishment.

"When Geoff walked in...boom! His deliver is unbelievable," Richie said.

Sera was teamed up with Jewel, who told her that his volume can only go so far, so if Sera was able to bring the emotion, she would win.

Between Sera's diva attitude and crisp execution, and then Geoff's power (and he took off his glasses!), we had no idea which way this was going to go. Both Adam Levine and CeeLo Green rooted for Geoff, while Blake Shelton went for Sera.

And when it came down to it, Christina chose Sera!

In her team's second battle on tonight's episode, Xtina chose Lindsey Pavao and Lee Koch , and they'll sing "Heart-Shaped Box," by Nirvana.

Jewel and Xtina really wanted Lee to understand the melody of the song before trying to make it his own, and to enunciate so we could understand what he was saying (sound advice, if you ask us).

Lionel Richie felt like Lindsey was out of her element and advised her to make sure she looked engaged during her performance.

Adam and Cee Lo favored Lee, Blake picked Lindsey (and admitted he'd never heard of this song), and the judge that mattered, Christina, picked Lindsey.

Team Blake

Blake Shelton put the funny Jersey girl Charlotte Sometimes against soft-spoken Lex Land to sing "Pumped Up Kicks," by Foster the People.

Mentor Kelly Clarkson met with Charlotte and said she had a "stellar" voice and a "killer vibe." On the other side of things, Miranda Lambert told Lex that her mysterious and shy attitude could play out in her favor with this specific song and attract people.

There was definitely some attitude on stage between these two, and when it came to Blake picking who will stay, he chose Charlotte.

Team Cee Lo

It was Sarah Golden battling Juliet Simms with the song "Stay With Me," by Rod Stewart.

Babyface advised Sarah to "keep the country" and Cee Lo also said that he enjoyed the "yodel" she would tack onto the lyrics. And that worked out for Sarah, whose plan of attack was to be herself.

On the other hand, Juliet—whose singing style has been called the female version of Stewart—impressed Ne-Yo with her gravelly voice, but made sure to mention that she shouldn't give it away too early.

The Voice, CeeLo Green

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Cee Lo, of course, wanted to keep both, but he can't do that. So he chose Juliet.

In Green's second battle pairing of the night, he chose new friends Jamar Rogers and Jamie Lono to sing "I Wanna Know What Love Is," by Foreigner.

Unfortunately, Jamie's voice kept cracking during practice, so Babyface's advice was "to loosen up a little bit." The next day, Ne-Yo met with Jamar and noticed how much emotion he puts into his voice, which the R&B star felt could make Jamar "unstoppable."

This battle, was a battle between buddies. Ultimately, Cee Lo decided to keep Jamar.

Team Adam

A pair that Adam said, "can sing your asses off" were up to battle. Whitney Myer and 50-year-old Kim Yarbrough would be facing each other onstage while performing "No More Drama," by Mary J. Blige.

"You have to make sure that you do not try to overpower her," Adam told Whitney when they met with mentor Alanis Morissette, who also told Whitney, "Part of what is appealing is someone being present, regardless of how old they are."

Kim felt she could relate to the emotional aspect of Blige's song, but Robin Thicke wanted some more tension from her.

After their showdown, Shelton "truly felt like I was watchin' one of those diva concerts...Son-of-a-bitch, man." Well, if Blake felt that much confusion on who he would choose, could you imagine what Adam was feeling?!

But he had to pick someone, and that was Kim.

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Did you guys think the right people went home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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