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Spoiler Alert: Do not read this article if you have yet to watch tonight's Desperate Housewives. If you choose to continue reading, you don't get to complain about spoilers in the comments. House rules!

Six episodes left and we're already down one original castmember: Desperate Housewives is not messing around!

Yes, the ABC hit series aired its worst kept secret tonight: a major character's death! The identity of the actor being killed off in DH's final season was revealed during the Nicollette Sheridan trial on Thursday. Still, it was hard for us to watch and say goodbye to a beloved character. So who died a violent death? And is a happy ending still possible for the loved one they left behind? 

RIP Mike Delfino (James Denton)! Yes, the fan favorite leading man bit the dust in tonight's episode that surely would've shocked viewers had his death been spoiled by a certain trial. 

So how did Desperate Housewives' most popular male character go out? Rather violently. Mike was shot by a mobster (darn loan sharks!) while on his porch. We have to admit, we were totally surprised to see Mike go considering he and Susan (Teri Hatcher) have been the show's core couple during its entire run. Leave it to Marc Cherry to pull this off!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, James Denton talked about his character's death and how he felt it was very fitting. "I do because he was such a shady character in the beginning. We weren't sure what he was up to," he says. Denton reveals he will be on the show once more this season, but just for closure. "In episode 17, I have to go lay in a box and do some flashbacks. We have the funeral and some flashbacks, and that's it." 

So is a happy ending even possible for Susan now that her soul mate is dead? While Denton isn't sure, he does know fans of the character will probably be disappointed if she doesn't. "I do think people pull for Teri. I think Teri has this great on-camera quality that they pull for her," Denton says. "Because of that, the audience might be very disappointed if she doesn't get a happier ending to her life."

What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you sad to see Mike go? Are you surprised Mike and Susan won't get their happily ever after? Sound off in the comments!

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