Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley

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Dear Ted:
Can I just say that I'm a big fan? You are amazing! I am loving Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl! I would just like to ask if Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester have any Vices? And who is more of Leighton's type in real life: Penn or Ed Westwick? Hope you answer my question! Stay fab!

Dear XXXO:
Nope, Penn and Leighton are moniker free. Penn left all the Vice biz up to Blake Lively, it seems—which probably factored into the demise of their relaysh—and Leighton actually prefers her men without naughty little secrets (how very un-Hollywood of her!). Which means Ed is out of the running. And though he has a better shot, there's nothing steamy between her and P.B. either.

Dear Ted:
I am sure that you have answered this before (like a thousand times), but my seven month old puppy and I want to know...has Toothy Tile been in a movie where he has played a gay character, perhaps one that was in the closet? Just Curious!

Dear For The 1001 Time:
Yes. To everything. Now send me a pic of that adorable little pup, L!

Dear Ted:
I think Christina Hendricks is the hottest woman alive. This may sound mean, but her hubby just isn't in her league. Not even close. Is there more to this marriage than meets the eye? Any Vices? Thank you.

Dear Dating Down:
That is harsh, C, but I know your intentions are strictly lusting and nothing more. Well, there's no Vices in this par-tick union. The Mad Men broad is totally smitten with her hubby Geoffrey Arend and believes he is worthy of her infamous curves—which might explain those sexy camera phone pics. Bet you were très jealous of those, huh?

Dear Ted:
You've always said Nevis Divine's babe is cool with his dabbling with his boy toy. So my question is why make his Vice Blind? I get the privacy thing. That's fair. If Nev doesn't want to publicize his private playings, you won't reveal. That's cool. Or is it that in spite of Nev's chill attitude, you're afraid his people will get litigious? Or is it just 'cause this is a fun game?! Thanks for keeping me entertained Ted.

Dear Detective Divine:
Nev might be totally cool with his own dude-on-dude dalliances but you bet your toosh that Camp Divine would not be as relaxed were I to finger the (sometimes) homolicious hunk. Plus, it's totally fun—dontcha think?

Dear Ted:
I was reading some old BV's and came across Parrish Maguire and the all male parties, and I was wondering if he's experimented with drugs or is sex his only vice?

Dear Little of This, Little of That:
So far Parr's stuck with the strictly raunchy stuff and left the powder for his B.V. peers, but with the crowd he's known to hang with it's not a matter of if he'll switch over to the more dubious stuff, it's when.

Dear Ted:
Love to read your column and know that you have some sports B.V.'s. So my questions is this: Could you list in order of highest to lowest the number of Vicers's each and which group has the stars in it that would shock his/her fans the most? Between: football, soccer, tennis, basketball, and hockey.
—Julie in Texas

Dear Foul:
Geez, Jules, why don't I just tell you who's who! I will say that the 'ballers (that'd be foot and basket, of course) usually provide me with the juicier dirt. And the basketball ones are the best of the bunch, babe.

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