Sam Huntington, Being Human

Philippe Bosse/Syfy

Look out—there's a werewolf on the loose!

Sam Huntington, who plays angsty lycanthrope Josh on Syfy's critically acclaimed hit series Being Human, will be moonlighting on the network's sister series Warehouse 13. So what's his gig?

Huntington is guest starring as a young jazz musician named Ethan, who, explains showrunner Jack Kenny, "is desperate to leave his mark on the world of New Orleans jazz—even if it means a great sacrifice."

At least he won't be making a midnight snack out of his costars under the full moon?

"My plot on the show is really interesting because I'm a fan of the genre, so it's cool to be on a different sci-fi show with different rules for the world," Huntington tells us. And, he teases, "The artifact is not what you're led to believe." (Not Satchmo's trumpet, then?)

Kenny calls Huntington "a natural fit for" Warehouse 13, accusing the Superman Returns redhead of being "funny, charming, smart and compelling." Fighting words, right? We see your praise, Mr. Kenny, and would like to raise you witty, sensitive and all-around adorbs.

(Full disclosure: We're card-carrying members of the Sam Huntington Fan Club.)

Huntington, who spends hours in a makeup chair for his transformation from human to werewolf, recently lent his charm and expertise to another Syfy show, judging a werewolf makeup challenge for Face Off.

Production is currently under way for W13's fourth season; meanwhile, Being Human concludes its sophomore run next month.

Huntington teases that the upcoming Human finale features "massive cliffhangers": "They're all in crazy peril both individually and as a unit," he warns.

Good thing the series got renewed for a third season!

Huntington agrees: "If we ended the show right now, people would be so furious!"

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