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He's safe from elimination, but is his health in order?

American Idol's Phillip Phillips gave his fans a scare earlier today when it was reported that he was rushed to the hospital after experiencing severe abdominal pain. Turns out, Phillip didn't go to the hospital, but did see a doctor. Luckily, Phillip was able to make the show tonight, but was he OK? 

Plus, who received a special gift from Idol alum Lauren Alaina? And which contestants are already BFFs?! We were there in the studio and here's what we can tell you...

While Phillip said he was "fine" when host Ryan Seacrest asked about his medicla condition that made headlines hours before the taping, we noticed that the contestant seemed tired, which is understandable. During the Top 13's group performance, Phillip was pretty stiff on stage and almost seemed uncomfortable; he even let out a big sigh after the number was over! Phillip also took a trip backstage during one of the commercial breaks, something contestants usually don't do doing results shows. 

Luckily, Phillip had Idol BFF Heejun Han to lean on during the elimination process. The duo hugged each other after both of them were told they were safe by Ryan and spent most of the taping talking and laughing. All together now: Aw!

Another pair showing off their friendship during the show? Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanaugh! Joshua ran across the stage to Holly immediately after he was told he was safe and the twosome, along with country cutie Skylar Laine, spent most of the commercial break chatting it up.

Last season's runner-up Lauren Alaina performed on tonight's show and shared a good laugh with Colton Dixon during the commercial break about her mic pack falling off during the performance. Also snagging one-on-one time with the "Georgia Peaches" crooner? Her fellow country girl Skylar and Hollie! While it was brief, Lauren said she'd catch up with Skylar after the show and they did as Skylar tweeted Lauren, "so great meeting u tonight girl and thanks so much for the gift!"

Though she was their first mentor and performed on tonight's show, Mary J. Blige didn't stop to chat with any of the contestants when she left the stage. 

Jeremy and Elise Testone spent the final commercial break before learning their fate from the judges with their fellow contestants and Elise appeared to be wiping tears from her eyes at one point. When they took their places again, Elise joked that she and Jeremy matched perfectly, her skirt being orange and his shirt being orange as well! After Jennifer Lopez told Jeremy he was going home, he quickly ran over to give Hollie a hug (maybe we should call her Hollie the Hugger?). After the credits rolled, all three judges came on stage to share a moment with Jeremy and to say goodbye. 

Do you think the right person went home tonight? How do you think Phillip seemed? Sound off in the comments!

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