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Dear Ted:
You've always been reeeeal skeptical of the Nina Dobrev-Ian Somerhalder pairing, but photographic evidence seems to suggest that they at least enjoy each other's company. Now, I would like for you to embellish a bit on your comment that it's not paradise…is that because their relationship is orchestrated by PR? Or that they have come to realize the dangers of dating someone they work with? Thanks!

Dear Team Nian:
I'm skeptical, yes, but not against the pairing. They're both very hot (anyone with eyes can see that) and the CW has provided us some of the steamier costar couples. Nina and Ian just aren't one of ‘em. These two leave all their chemistry onscreen. Which is good for Vamp Diaires viewers, but bad for goss lovers. Do I think this will always be the case? Truthfully? No.

Dear Ted:
Kirk Cameron
didn't do the fake apology. However, he did something just as hypocritical: He played the "I have gay friends!" card. First he said being gay is "unnatural," "detrimental," and "destructive." Although he did not apologize, he did say, "In the case of one of my gay friends, we regularly talk and have healthy and respectful debates." So in other words, gays are the cause of society's downfall but he has gay friends so he's not really homophobic. How is what he said respectful? It's hypocritical, don't you think?

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Dear Bingo:
It's just another form of sending the apologetic press release later on. Different methodology, same effect: softening the message. Which is still quite clear, if you ask me. Kirk's intolerant, bravely uninformed and not terribly circumspect—at least not in any true Christian sense. Example: He's quite the judge, something God specifically warns us about if you're familiar with Matthew 7:1.

Dear Ted:
I am not rooting for a comeback from Lindsay Lohan. She doesn't deserve it. I'll reserve my support for the likes of Kirsten Dunst and Winona Ryder. Both of these ladies have demons that have derailed their careers. Kirsten has captivated me since Interview With the Vampire. Winona was my single favorite actress of the '90s. Both are due a modicum of redemption after spending some time out of the spotlight and seemingly getting their act together. Or am I being too naive?

Dear Good Girls Gone Bad Gone Good Again:
They're all just chicks who've messed up (some worse than others) in the past but are looking to score a paycheck and a new gig. And while some are seemingly more deserving than others when it comes to if they've really changed their ways, why can't we just hope they all clean up and succeed? It's not like LiLo and Winona are battling for the same roles.

Dear Ted:
I am surprised that you haven't said more on Sienna Miller's pregnancy. I wonder what Tom Sturridge's friend Rob Pattinson feels about it? Love ya!

Dear Baby on Bored:
I have talked about mama-to-be Miller in the past. And told you that Robby is more than thrilled for his pal but isn't feeling any inspiration to sow his seed anytime soon. Like at all. And that has not changed.

Dear Ted:
Thanks so much for clearing up question! Liev Schreiber and I breathed sighs of relief. Or was that just me? I'm sure he wasn't worried. Don't get me wrong, Xavier Samuel is a gorgeous, talented guy, who's looking tan and toned in the pics, but Liev and Naomi Watts seem so great together. It's good to hear at least one Hollywood couple is still standing the test of time! Lots of love and thanks again!

Dear Till Vice Do Us Part:
They're hardly the perfect pair, those two, Ollie, but you're right: They are making it work. But trust me, it won't be some young boy-toy former Twilighter that comes between Liev and Naomi. That's not her style.

Dear Ted:
Although not a masochist, I will play along your Ditch, Do or Marry: GOP Hopefuls Edition. I will ditch Mitt Romney because let's face it: Even his dead ancestors are not safe from being forcefully baptized into the Mormon faith posthumously. I would do Rick Santorum. I would do Santorum so bad, he'd come out of it right. The dude needs it right, so he would finally understand that a woman's sex is something to be loved and adored. I would marry Newt Gingrich. Ewww, right? But that misogynist SOB deserves an outspoken shrew like myself that would make his life a living hell! Kisses to your four-legged fam.

Dear Game:
And that, darling, is precisely how one should play Ditch, Do or Marry!

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