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Survivor: One World? Try worlds apart.

CBS' veteran reality series has never been so divisive, thanks to privileged egomaniac Colton Cumbie's venomous attacks on his tribemates.

So how did it feel to be on the receiving end of Colton's vitriol? The season's third castoff answered all our burning questions about last night's shocking Tribal Council…

 Bill Posley, Survivor

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Even after Colton's personal vendetta, Bill Posley—voted out unanimously by the Colton cult—is still killing the little monster with kindness.

"Even though Colton's more well-off than I am, I have empathy and compassion for the lack of experience in his life," Bill told us. "Which is why I don't hate the guy—that's his truth, that's his reality."

If anyone has a tenuous grasp of reality, it's Tarzan, who absurdly defended Colton before ranting about race. "I don't think Tarzan was there, mentally, to be honest with you," Bill said. (No kidding: The chest-thumper thinks his tribemate Jonas is named "Jason.") "The argument wasn't racial…he shot himself in the face with that."

Colton did play his racist card earlier when privately referring to Bill as "ghetto trash." Bill's response?

"I laughed out loud! If in Colton's world I'm the ghetto black person, maybe he needs to be taken to a ghetto and see what that term means." But the cheerful castoff sees the bright side in this insult too: "Colton calling me ghetto has upped my street cred in the black community significantly…there's been a few handshakes I haven't been able to use," he laughed. "Now I will."

Of course, we wouldn't be chatting with Bill if one person had voted against the controversial proposal to sacrifice the tribe's immunity. "People were afraid to speak out against him," Bill explained, "because they were afraid to have a target on their back next."

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Shouldn't Colton, whom everyone knew possessed the Individual Immunity Idol, have been the obvious target?

"To me, this is a no-brainer that this dude's next," Bill agreed. "To me an Idol isn't a power move—it's something that paints a target on your back, that needs to get flushed. I told the guys, 'We could do something here,' but it never panned out—that sucks."

Does Bill believe his tribe is as dumb as they seem to viewers?

"We may not have made the best decisions," he laughed, "but we're still human…You get so paranoid…You see from a distance two people having an impassioned, meaningful conversation, and when you get up there, all you hear is, 'Oh, we're going fishing.' How amazing is that?! You've been over here for 45 minutes just discussing carp. So you're always freaked out and paranoid and make dumb decisions."

Still, Bill believes that if he'd persuaded his tribemates to blindside Colton, sacrificing their immunity could have been "the greatest move any tribe's ever made."

"There's a thin line between genius and stupidity. We landed on the stupid side."

Hit the comments to "wow" Bill Posley with mad props...or vent about last night's horror show.

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