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Dear Ted:
Absolutely, positively had to send this message to give you serious respect for your thoughtful post on Kirk Cameron and his ilk today. His comments made me sick to my stomach, but he has the right to speak his mind—his small, ignorant mind. Don't get me started on Rush Limbaugh. He is the ultimate hypocrite in so very many ways, but Kirk at least appears to walk the holier-than-thou path he preaches. Want to make this clear, I am not now—nor will I ever—defend Kirk Cameron and most of the misinformed garbage that comes out of his mouth (and boy is there a lot of it, even before his ridiculous comments about homosexuality). I will, however, defend every person having the right to speak openly and honestly about what they believe. On a completely different note, is it my imagination or does Kirk have a serious case of crazy eyes? Just an observation.

Dear All Is Fair…:
We hear you, and you're absolutely correct in saying everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even myopic, un-Christian men such as Cameron and Limbaugh. Small minds and hateful agendas usually go hand in hand. However, according to our poll, many of you think we've been much too harsh on poor Kirk. And perhaps we have. A man like that needs all the sympathy he can get.

Dear Ted:
Question about Ashley Tisdale. She seems to be losing it lately, and she has a penchant for making drunk dirty-dancing videos. She seems to be busy clubbing, posing nude in magazines and hanging out with a different guy every week. Is she trying to shed her teen image, or is she just a late bloomer in the Hollywood fast lane? Thanks Ted!
—Miss T

Dear Don't Sweat It:
I wouldn't worry too much about Ms. Tisdale. She's starting to get back into the game, so it's the par-fait time to get rid of the squeaky-clean, Disney image. Having a little bit of fun at her age is no big deal—besides, it's not like she's dropping condoms anywhere, like her High School Musical costar Zac Efron.

Dear Ted:
What is it with stars and their undiscriminating tendency to share their every thought on Twitter? Case in point: Patricia Heaton. Who I thought was a nice quiet lady, raising her family and working steadily in Hollywood, is actually an uneducated bully! What do you think of her too-many tweets against Sandra Fluke, who was quite courageous in my opinion, and more importantly, what is up with Patty's misinformed attacks? Could it be that her too many nips and tucks, that she wrote a book about, have pulled her face back so tight, that she is now talking out of her ass? Kisses to the four-legged fam!

Dear You Are What You Tweet:
What's great about Twitter is that everyone—celeb or not—can make their voice heard. And, unfortunately, that means the good and the bad can go viral. Patricia Heaton certainly isn't the first to virtually put her foot in her mouth (Chris Brown, Alec Baldwin and plenty more) and we know she won't be the last to issue a lame apology after an offensive tweet. Our advice for P? Think before you tweet, babe, not everybody loves you.

Dear Ted:
Oh no! Do Liev Schreiber and I have anything to worry about? He and Naomi Watts are my fave Hollywood couple and their kids are super adorable, so please tell me there's no trouble in paradise! I saw pics of Naomi in Sydney, where she's shooting her new movie The Grandmothers, and it looked like she and younger costar Xavier Samuel were getting rather hands-y, complete with a piggy-back ride. Say it ain't so!

Dear Watts Up:
OK I will. Hon, those pics are from Naomi and Xavier hangin' on set. And Liev and Naomi seem to have a pretty healthy Hollywood relaysh; also, don't forget Liev's been spotted with Naomi in Sydney while she's filming. I highly doubt Naomi and Xavier are taking their work behind the scenes. He's probably just looking to have some fun with N, and who can blame him? She's gorgeous!

Dear Ted:
Caught GCB on Sunday, its bitchiness made me think of you...regarding a question about one of its stars, Kristin Chenoweth. A while back I read she and Ryan Murphy had a falling out. Is this true?  Have we seen the last of the lovable drunk April Rhodes all because of Ryan?
Glee devotee

Dear Going Down that Rhode:
Oh, please, Nicollette Sheridan and Marc Cherry this so is not. Besides, Kristin herself has said that she thinks her days on Glee are over. Can't characters just evolve or develop in different ways than up? And don't feel bad for Kristin, a hot new show is the perfect way to get a move on! She's so totally over-the-top cool in GCB. From April Rhodes to a good Christian belle—what an epic boob-tube transition, no?

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