Brett Ratner, Kirk Cameron, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Vick

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If you haven't heard the name Kirk Cameron at least once this week (for the first time in about 15 years), then get with the latest Growing Pain's scoop: according to Kirk, homosexuality is "unnatural" and "ultimately destructive to so many foundations of civilization."

So it should go without saying Cameron's officially on our list of loud-mouthed haters—along with Michael Vick, Rush Limbaugh and Brett Ratner, who have all been keen to share their controversial (and effed up) viewpoints as of late.

But now that Kirk's facing the inevitable backlash for his ruthless remarks, there is one reason we have more respect for Cameron than the rest:

Kirk's the only dude who hasn't played the backtrack game.

Hear us out: While Cameron's words are, no doubt, completely outdated, entirely homophobic and downright discriminatory, he is entitled to his own opinion and we're kinda over some lame-ass apology in an attempt to save face.

Like Michael Vick, who decided to lecture kids on the evils of dog fighting only after he was caught red-handed and his fate in the NFL was at stake. Coincidence? And then he whined about having to redeem himself the whole time he was doing it.

Yeah right, about as much of a coincidence as those videos Brett Ratner's been oh so kind to direct for GLAAD. Ya know, after he dropped the ultimate homophobic slur on Howard Stern's radio show and then resigned as producer of the Oscars to quiet the massive outrage.

But if that's not good enough, there's always Rush Limbaugh, who's given not one but two formal apologies for his "personal attack" on the Georgetown University law student whom he originally had no qualms calling a "slut" and a "prostitute."

Bottom line: These dudes have done whatever it takes to hold onto their fans and their careers, even if it means silencing their hateful mouths just to keep the nasty public backlash at bay.

Except for Kirk. Who, thus far, has defended his opinion and insisted he spoke as "honestly" as he could.

And based on Kirk's born-again Christian views, we highly doubt an "I'm sorry" is in his future. But as much as we wholeheartedly disagree with his opinion, we'll be totally fine without a bogus "I really didn't mean it" statement that obviously does not reflect his true point of view.

We say no apology is better than a fake one. But what say you, Awful readers?

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