Lamorne Morris, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield

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When you wish you could hang out with a TV cast every day, you know their show is in it for the long run. Case in point: New Girl.

We chatted with Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and the rest of the New Girl cast last night at PaleyFest, and they again reminded us why we adore them and their show so damn much. Oh, and they also talked about tonight's amazing episode, which will most likely be one of your favorites of the season…

Usually interviews on the red carpet are the same old routine, but sometimes a great bunch of people come along to spice things up a bit. You'll get what we're saying once you watch our interviews with the cast Johnson and Greenfield. Too bad we barely got anything usable out of them since we were laughing so hard.

But we did get some info about what's in store for the New Girl gang, starting with tonight's new episode, "Injured." "It's where my character gets injured and I have to go to the doctor and there's a big cancer scare," Johnson said. "So we really hope the audience takes to it."

Here's what New Girl fans could possibly take to: Nick and Schmidt as the endgame couple. "We've already shot it. It's filthy," Jake joked to us. "They're going to have to blur a lot of out but yeah, Schmidt and Nick do intercourse."

Actually, Schmidt is too busy "doing intercourse" with Cece, which will definitely not be stopping any time soon. "I love it too, to be honest with you." Hannah Simone said. "But it does boggle my mind. What is Cece thinking? I mean, he seduces her with cheese! That's her weak point? She needs to do some work on herself."

To get more New Girl scoop, including what's ahead for Winston and who Greenfield wants to steal from Glee, check out our interviews with the cast below!

New Girl airs Tuesday night's on Fox.

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