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For someone who doesn't want to be like Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence is pulling off a par-fait impression.

First she becomes the face of the next big franchise, and then she snags a hot British boyfriend (hello, Nicholas Hoult) and now?!

Gal's working the exact same game the Twilight babe invented (and possibly playing it better):

"I think I was [Team] Gale until he started getting a little too trigger-happy," J.Law tells Seventeen magazine. "Or maybe first Peeta and then Gale or Gale, then Peeta? I went back and forth. I flip-flopped," the fresh-faced cover girl explains.

Wait, you mean to tell us there's a Hunger Games love triangle and Jen can't decide between Peeta and Gale?! That sounds nothing like what Kristen Stewart had to say back when the Team Jacob/Team Edward debate was in its New Moon prime:

"I go back and forth from being Team Edward and Team Jacob all the time," Kristen told MTV news when asked who's the better pick for Bella.

Hmm…OK, before you Twihards and Mockingjays take this battle to the arena, let's remember that both ladies are committed to their characters and have to play every angle in order to pull off the parts.

That being said, we kinda wish Jen would 'fess up and admit she's more like Kristen Stewart than the gal would like to think.

And if ya ask us, Jen could learn a thing or two from Kris, 'cause even though Jen insists she doesn't want to be that famous, we think the brunette beauty should simply accept her fate. After all, if these past few weeks are any indication (mall tours, video games, makeup and more) The Hunger Games is successfully and undoubtedly following in the Twilight's franchise footsteps—especially now that Lionsgate is the proud owner of Summit.

Plus, if Jen's set on sticking with her BF Nicholas Hoult, we think Rob and Kris are the perfect couple for a double date! Come on, how many other twentysomethings can sit around and discuss ways to deal with thousands of adoring fans?!

Yep, we'll let the comparisons roll in, but don't think that changes how much we worship both gorgeous gals.

But what say you, Awful readers? Are you Team Gale or Team Peeta? Team Edward or Team Jacob? Or most importantly, Team Kristen or Team Jennifer?!

Sound off below!

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