Kirk Cameron


Dear Ted:
I love ya! You don't need to call Kirk Cameron a "has-been," it is beneath you! Don't be like Rush Limbaugh and go for the low blow! Have a great day!
—your FAN

Dear Mother Theresa:
Even though I get your point, if you think about the definition of "has-been," Cameron would be a perfect description, no shade intended. Unless, of course, you count Fireproof as star-worthy. Either way, I will leave the name-calling to idiots like Limbaugh, who, like, Cameron seems awfully, awfully uptight about sexuality and homosexuality, specifically. Why's that? Stirring some uncomfortable emos up for the two dudes?

Dear Ted:
What is the real deal with Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry? Their (former?) relationship seems really intense. Is she as crazy as she seems? Or is he really a gold digging deadbeat? I know one of them has to have a Vice, right?
—Janey :)

Dear Courthouse Coupling:
Intense is an understatement for these formerly in-love hotties...even by H'wood standards where everything is a bit more dramatic than normal. Your character assumptions aren't quite accurate, doll, but you are on to something with the Vices. Halle has one, a really juicy one at that—one that she'd probably love flaunting in France, actually.

Dear Ted:
Kirk Cameron is bigoted blowhole! Nuff said...

Dear Short and Sweet:
I agree, E. Wonder how the public will react when he doesn't give a generic, PR-planned and GLAAD-approved apology (which I so don't see him doing).

Dear Ted:
Mr. T
my rescue thinks you're looking hot these days. He has a none of our business question, he is a curious cat after all. You say Jackie Bouffant is happy. How is the boyfriend dealing with all the news lately? Also we only hear he is super hot, can you give us any clues to who he is T.V. or movies perhaps? Love ya!
—Mr. T and David

Dear Flattery Gets You Everywhere:
You make me blush, Mr. T! So I'm more than happy to answer his Q, especially since I've been lovin' Jackie a little more than usual these days anyway: J.B. hasn't been making any news that would concern his BF (he's very secure in the relaysh) but, per your second inquiry, Mr. Bouff is more movies these days.

Dear Ted:
I'm sick of people jumping all over Lindsay Lohan because her skits weren't funny on SNL. It was the writing that wasn't funny, not the delivery. She could only be as good as the material she was given and I thought she handled it well. It's not like the show was out to get her or anything. Steve Buscemi (whom I love nearly as much as puppies) even looked bad when he hosted. Was is his fault? No! The show still has moments of brilliance but overall, it definitely isn't what it used to be.

Dear Agree and Disagree:
Yes, a lot of the material was hardly hilarious and didn't take advantage of LiLo's knack for comedy. At the same time, she did seem nervous and appeared to be using a cue card to recall her IMDB listings and one of her more recent criminal charges during one par-tick skit. All in all, I thought she was fine. Definitely not worth the online uproar.

Dear Ted:
Have Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron ever hooked up or are they hooking up?

Dear Team Tefron:
No and no. The chemistry was never right between these two (hence his relaysh with fellow HSM-er Vanessa Hudgens). Zac just isn't Ash's type.

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