Kesha, Ke$ha

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Forget your feathers, toss your hair tinsel, they're all soooo 10 minutes ago. Ke$ha's starting a new trend—hair studs.

Yes. Hair studs.

She shaved half of her head so that she could get metal studs glued directly onto her scalp. The result? A lovely effect that both wows and grates cheese.

On Wednesday...

The "Blow" singer tweeted a picture of herself getting the metal studs, along with the caption "It's happening." But we can't help but wonder, "Why, Ke$ha? Why is it happening?!" Is brushing your hair so much of a commitment? Are you running out of body parts to bedazzle? Is this some sort of crazy lobbying stunt to bring back The Young Ones?

Either way, we're not a fan of these triangular tress replacements, and it would be better for everyone if this trend would just blow over.

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