Lindsay Lohan

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Dear Ted:
Just watched Lindsay Lohan's Saturday Night Live appearance and the best I can say is that it was very nice of Lorne Michaels to give her a shot. Lindsay was awful, the skits were awful, and her face...can we now officially call her comeback DOA? Apparently, she did peak at Mean Girls. And what's up with her Vices, a thing of the past or still active?

Dear Mean Girl:
Aww, c'mon. LiLo was hardly the worst host the show has ever had. And that fact that she was on time, had practically zero complaints about her work ethic and seemed to actually be sober will definitely help her cause, whether you thought the final product was funny or not. As for the Vicing, that's hardly retired either.

Dear Ted:
Does Twyla Babe-Sucker or Terry Tush-Trade have the better career right now? Who has the better more settled personal life right now?
—Sincerely, Nosey Nellie

Dear Power Chicks:
Terry, of course. Though that comes at the expense of her personal life, it seems.

Dear Ted:
Is Nevis Divine's current relationship doomed to fail like most open relationships in Tinseltown?|

Dear Divine Re-Invention:
Maybe. I'd even go so far as to say probably. There are too many raging libidos and emotions in this par-tick triangle. But for now, it continues...Nev and his BF/GF cohorts are enjoying the current sexy sitch too much and not worrying about the future.

Dear Ted:
In recent pictures I've seen of Mila Kunis, both in France when she attended the Dior fashion show and walking to the gym in LA I have noticed what looks like a promise ring, or maybe an engagement ring on her ring finger. She never wore a ring on her ring finger before. What's the scoop? Is there a new man in her life?

Dear All My Single Ladies:
Hardly. Sure, there are men in Mila's life but nothing warranting a priest or vows.

Dear Ted:
Please explain to my naive East Coast psyche, how do the normal plebeians sleep with famous actors and no one says anything? Are they paid handsomely? Under contract? No amount of money could keep me quiet if I had the chance to sleep with Ryan Gosling or Bruce Willis. Do tell!

Dear Chatty Cathy:
There are plenty of ways to keep "regular" folk quite: sure, there are NDAs (like Stud-Bucket LeBeouf) and plenty of hush money. But tell me this, Jules, if you bedded Gos would you blab about it and risk not getting a second romp?

Dear Ted:
For the love of all that is holy, Jennifer Lawerence and co, sell your movie without talking or leveraging Twilight. I am not a fan of The Hunger Games books but was thinking if I get to like the actors, I might get into the series...but I have heard more about Twilight and it's actors from the H.G. stars than about themselves. Why can't they simply sell their series without leveraging on Twilight? God know Twilight does not need any help to sell. Robsten love sells it enough.

Dear Vamped Out:
Sek, J.Law and her hunky costars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth aren't exactly begging to talk about their franchise counterparts. They get asked about it, which isn't shocking at all. But I think H.G. will be able to rest on the fact that it's a good movie. Isn't that enough?

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