Ready for some good, clean conversation and fun reminiscing? Well then you do not want tonight's The Bachelor: Women Tell All special.

However, if you do want to see the girls confront Courtney Robertson about her season-long bad-mouthing and lots of tears, then you definitely want to check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at tonight's tell-all…

"I don't know if she's just saying I'm sorry because she wants America not to hate her, or if she's genuinely sorry."

That's Blakely referring to Courtney's tearful breakdown on tonight's ABC special of the reality romance show. When we spoke to the ladies after the taping, they all shared suspicions for the season's villain who seemingly wanted to make up for weeks of backstabbing and blatant mocking.

"Tonight her apology sounded great, very endearing," Emily tells us backstage. "But at the same time, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop."

Nicki adds: "Her tears did seem pretty heartfelt on stage. Do I buy it 100 percent? Not yet."

However, Courtney did have one fan in the room: Kacie. "Her coming back tonight said a lot. It's hard to come back into the firing range and be up for those questions," she says.

On a lighter note, Blakely still insist that she doesn't regret her decision to appear on The Bachelor. "I feel like it made me accept what was going on and say, 'You know what, Blakely? You're a really good person. You've been strong for this long, move forward and go with an open heart, see where it leads you.'"

—Reporting by Gretchen Putnam

Will you believe Courtney's apology on tonight's Bachelor event? Tune in to ABC for the Women Tell All special and see for yourself!

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