Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes

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Dear Ted:
Looks like Katie Holmes got pictures in with practically everybody during the Oscar bashes. But I didn't see any with her former costar Michelle Williams. Any bad blood between them?

Dear Career Moms:
Don't think there's anything to tell here. Both Dawson's Creek ladies I'm sure were busy doing their own things—I doubt it's a case of bad blood. But since Michelle is planning to take some time off for mommy duty, maybe the former costars will reunite for a mommy-daughter playdate with Matilda and Suri? Then they could plan the Dawson's Creek reunion. Don't laugh. Worse things have definitely been planned.

Dear Ted:
People frequently ask you why you continually bring the Chris Brown issue up, and here's why I think it's important: What he did was wrong, and there is no statute of limitations on it being wrong that he beat the hell out of his then-girlfriend. It doesn't matter if at any point she hit him or she "egged him on"—the man beat her brutally, slamming her head against the car door and choking her, saying that he was going to kill her. There is no excusing that, there is no sweeping that under the rug. And for perspective, would we be having this same conversation if he'd done the same thing in a fistfight with another man? I highly doubt that we'd be so quick to let him off, but since it's relationship violence people just don't take it as seriously. At the end of the day, it's Rihanna's choice if she wants to go back to him, but that doesn't ever erase his violence or make it acceptable.

Dear Real Issue:
I'm glad you're on my side! It really is an important issue. But to answer your question, I don't think it's that domestic violence is taken less seriously than a man-to-man fist fight, but I do think that people have shorter attention spans nowadays and are quick to forget. They've become desensitized. Either way, violence is violence, and I do not tolerate it—nor should anybody else. Got it, insensitive people?

Dear Ted:
Happy for Lindsay Lohan—it's time good things come her way.

Dear 5th Time's the Charm:
Despite all her crazy behavior, it's hard to let go of the Parent Trap star we know and love. And hopefully this is the last of the Hollywood darling's comebacks. Meaning, I hope she is back for good. I wish her the best of luck. We all should.

Dear Ted
Why are you always so hard on Mariah Carey? You said not too long ago that her breakdown is the most entertaining thing she's done in years. Why would someone going through a rough time be so amusing to you?

Dear Not All Rainbows and Sunshine:
I never said that. But I certainly did say that some of Mariah's appearances—like that jewelry-hawking thing she did where she talked about anything but her jewelry—have been hugely priceless. That said, all stars have their good and bad moments, and I can't only highlight the good. Maybe you took it the wrong way, A? I don't find pleasure in others' pain. And I don't always bash on the diva. I do recall defending her when people were calling her fat. Bottom line: This gal needs to do a reality show, she'd be ratings gold!

Dear Ted:
A friend on FB just noted that the expression 'friend of Dorothy' should be changed to boyfriend of Taylor.

Dear Sticks and Stones:
, Lautner, the late Elizabeth or somebody else altogether? Not quite sure what you're implying, but I might even laugh once I know.

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