The Hunger Games


Mockingjays, prepare yourself. Because though The Hunger Game be "very true" to the book, some changes were made from the novel to the big screen. And no, we're not simply talking about dear, forgotten Madge (RIP fabulous role for Dianna Agron).

Well not just Madge, anyway. Director Gary Ross has some tricks up his sleeve that will throw even die-hard H.G. fans for a loop…and one of the film's stars was happy to sound off on the surprises in store for moviegoers:

"There's some twists. There's some additions," Leven Rambin—who plays the gorgeous but ruthless tribute Glimmer in the flick—recently told us, promising that fans will definitely be surprised.

She continues, "There's some small, like innuendos that I think people will be like 'Oh, I didn't catch that in the book'…because it wasn't in the book."

So what exactly is changed?

Does Jennifer Lawrence choose Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, thus ensuring the movie an NC-17, Shame-like threesome scene?! Does Lenny Kravitz bust into a rendition of "American Woman" during the Games?!

Do Woody Harrelson turn into a vampire and moon over Elizabeth Banks?!

We doubt any of those. But either way, Leven kept her lips zipped!

Ahh, we haven't seen franchise secrecy like this since those Breaking Dawn vamps tried to keep Bella Swan's wedding dress under wraps…which they did, with frustratingly good success. Hey, at least we only have to wait 21 more days until it hits theaters, right?

Though don't fret too much that things will be completely different. At least so says bad boy Cato, played by Alexander Ludwig.

"I think it will surprise most fans because usually when you see a movie about a book it's not really that true to the book," he filled us in. "Or at least it varies a little. But Gary's done an excellent job of making sure it stays very identical to the book."

Which for Alex means a pretty gruesome and out-there death. But for those of you who haven't read the book, we won't spoil it. What fun would that be?

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