Katy Perry


Two can play at that game. Or can they?

Photos of Russell Brand flittering around Los Angeles with a new female friend inevitably got tabloids on both sides of the Atlantic churning with reports that the onetime ladies man was suddenly back to his old ways.

And before the ink even had time to dry on the speculative reports, Katy Perry upped the battle-of-the-exes ante, getting photographed with a hot young mystery man of her own. And oh, how the tongues have wagged.

But has Katy really moved on with a new boy toy?

Sorry, gossips, the answer is no! And that mystery man? Turns out, he's not so mysterious, after all.

Photos of the 27-year-old pop phenom making her way through LAX with the handsome dude late Tuesday sparked the fevered reports, with many going so far as to speculate that perhaps Oscar party host extraordinaire Elton John had played Cupid and set Perry up with the scruffy behooded man.

Alas, while it's a nice story, it's simply not the case.

The man in question is really Johnny Wujek, Katy's longtime friend and strictly platonic stylist.

Guess this rumor is just the one that got a-way out of hand. Mystery solved!

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