The jury has (finally!) been selected and opening statements delivered. All the proper documents have been filed—and trust us, that's a lotta felled trees. Also, Nicollette Sheridan is due to hit the stand today for the start of an epic 13 hours of testimony.

We haven't been this excited about anything involving the Desperate Housewives broads since Eva Longoria was bangin' that hot gardener boy. And since the case is obviously going to trial, we think it will only heat up from here.

Until it erupts in flames—or an early settlement—that is. But, is there something super secretive smoldering beneath it all? And will this D.H. reunion turn nasty quick?

To answer the latter, first: Nicollette doesn't think so.

While leaving the courthouse yesterday, a photog asked her what she thought of her costars testifying against her. To which she coolly (and coyly) quipped, "Who says they're testifying against me?"

This mama seems to be in control...well, aside from the crying that took place yesterday during opening statements, that is. Though, after her attorney told E! News that "she was not acting," we can't help but wonder if crying is in her control. Playing up the David vs. Goliath themes here may just win over the jury.

But could her opposing counsel (that'd be Team Marc Cherry) have something even more damning than a couple of naysaying housewives?

We think yes. One of those infamous smoking guns, if you will.

"I can honestly say I'm surprised this didn't settle out of court," a source in the know about the proceedings tell us. "On paper, Nicollette has her complaints: assault and wrongful termination. But there has to be something else to keep Marc Cherry's team going."

So what is it?!

As our legal insiders explained yesterday, ABC filed for summary judgment, claiming the other lacked proof, but the case is going ahead anyway. Which means Team Cherry-ABC has something damning up their collective sleeve.

Might it be a not exactly flattering little secret from Nicollette's diva-licious days on set?

"You should have seen her right before she left. Not pretty," a fellow cast member dishes to us, recalling the period on set between the slapping incident going down and Edie Brit (Nicollette's bey-otchy onscreen alter ego) biting it.

Must fess, we're on the edge of our seats. Nicollette better murder her testimony today. ‘Cause after her is Cherry (of course) and former fellow Housewives like Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman.

And who knows what they'll say…this is unscripted after all. At least, that's what we're told.

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