We know it's kinda odd to see Daniel Radcliffe off doing new, non-Harry Potter things, but that's life!

And aside from bringing on the laughs while hosting Saturday Night Live, the young actor (who will forever remain a wizard in our hearts, let's just admit it) talked to E! News about his biggest project since the franchise ended, The Woman in Black.

Did you know Harry, er, Daniel plays a father?!

"People have seen me in a school-boy outfit, so it's a little bit of a leap for them to look at me as something else," Radcliffe told us, and shared that there was one lucky charm that helped make the transition go smoother.

"My Godson played as my son in the film. I asked for him to be auditioned. I thought seeing me as a boy and then father would weird people out. I wanted to make sure that the relationship was right and the chemistry was right between me and my son and it is. It really comes across that we know each other."

Now, we know all you Harry Potter fans are dying to go see Daniel in this new film, but if you might want to think twice about it if you're on the younger side or get scared easily.

"I would say if you're under 12, you really shouldn't see this film…I think as a parent, unless you've got an incredibly tough child, I would not go and see this film, because it is genuinely frightening and might buy you a couple of nights of a sleepless child."

That's not all Radcliffe shared with us, watch the clip to hear more!

—Reporting by Vanessa McDonald

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