Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

Stephen Vaughan / DC Comics

Sadly, death pays in show business. And now it also costs extra.

That's what would-be renters of the three-bedroom SoHo loft where Health Ledger died are discovering. Instead of the already pricey $22,000 per month Ledger was losing to his landlord, the new tenant will have to fork over $26,000.

They've gotta be joking, right?

Apparently not, in the crazy world of Manhattan unreal estate. The unit above Ledger's, which was featured in the Drew Barrymore/Hugh Grant flick Music and Lyrics, rented for $70,000 per month.

We're sure that had the landlord whistling a happy tune, so he probably figured, Why not just tack on a paltry $4,000-a-month Bat bump? It's sad...and crazy. Kinda like the Joker, so at least it makes some sort of sense.

—Via the New York Post

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