Kate Moss, Daily Mail


From high-profile romantic links to alleged drug abuse, supermodel Kate Moss has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. Yet her recent, headline-making comment that “All men are b******s” has drawn the scandal-prone star into new areas of controversy, this time among the British linguistics community.

“She’s clearly getting at something, but she’s giving us precious few clues,” revealed Oxford University’s Dr. Martin Longbranch-Stlin. “What is it that all men, without exception, could possibly be to Ms. Moss that begins with a B and ends with an S?” The word has so far boggeled U.K. language experts. “We’ve been able to eliminate many possibilities,” continued Longbranch-Stlin. “Bivalves, bellhops, butchers, burglars, Biafrans. Not all men are unequivocally any of these things. And the fact that she would say 'B' and then repeat 'asterisk' six times aloud...Well, it’s even more perplexing. Apparently Moss is more than simply a thin, party-crazed shrew. There’s a brain up there, and she’s finally letting us know.”

When contacted by Soup Blog U.K. reporters, Moss’s representatives issued only this equally inscrutable statement: “F**k off.”

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