Chace Crawford

Patricia Schlein/WENN

He may be hangin' at hot spots that require valet service now, but just a few years ago, Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford was the guy taking your keys.

Chace tells Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show that in between a break from attending Pepperdine University and landing his G.G. role in NYC, he was a valet driver—and not even a top one at that!

When Ryan asked Chace if he got to wear a red vest on the job, the actor responded, "I wish. I was the rookie...I was running everywhere."

But don't think Chace's valet gig was uneventful. Aside from a confession that he often stole gum from customers' glove compartments—"a lot of gum, actually"—Chace also recounted his most fearful moment at work...

"Suge Knight came in once, and I got really scared," he said.

Chace told Ryan he was so nervous during the encounter that he made someone else move the big man's car.

You've come a long way from those car-parking days, Chace, but you can still steal gum out of our glove compartment any day!

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