Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

While we definitely hopped on the elephant that was the Robert Pattinson obsession these past two weeks, we did have some constructive criticism regarding Water for Elephants, and naturally, we wanted readers to weigh in too.

As much as we adore Reese Witherspoon, everyone was thinking and then writing about how not-sexy she was opposite R.Pattz. Lucky for Reese, Kristen Stewart saved the day by bringing the sexy PDA to the showing, even smooching her BF post-premiere.

So we took to the polls to answer the first question: Who should have ousted Reese as Rob's leading circus lady?

Oh my vamp, 29 percent of you voted for his off and onscreen lover Kristen Stewart. But the beaut definitely didn't win by the landslide we expected. A very close second was Miss Carey Mulligan at 25 percent.

Mulligan, who is filming the highly anticipated remake of The Great Gatsby opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, would have brought a whole lot of glitz, glamour and girly innocence to the part of Marlena. Too bad was Carey not only occupied, but she isn't grungy enough. At least, we think so. 

While it totally stumped us that Blake Lively—the essence of everything clean, but deeply dirty—came in dead last with only 11 percent, we must say K.Stew will always take the cake.

As she did by warming all our hearts when she did show up to the Water for Elephants NYC premiere to support her main man. Fifty-two percent of you had faith K would show, while 35 percent were iffy about her schedule.

Regardless, the actress—whose next role is set as the fair maiden in Snow White and the Huntsman—made the appearance of a Twi century.

To take a far less lovey-dovey turn of topic, celebs have been throwing some public bitch fits lately, and some are more viral than others.

After Lea Michele rudely, and publicly, made fun of a fan at Coachella who was flirting with some of the male Glee cast, we thought damn let the woman bitch a little. I mean, even we can't inspect her diva ‘tude under a magnifying class, she's only human, sometimes.

Weirdly, you all feel pretty much neutral celebs being mean to their fans. About 50 percent of you agreed a celebrity has to have some bad days too, while the rest of you found it unacceptable. Well, unless they look hot while hissing at a fan.

Aside from LeAnn Rimes having the most predictable wedding of the year, she was making Twitter trends by feuding via little blue bird with Eddie Cibrian's ex wife Brandi Glanville.

But Miss skin-and-bones wasn't the only celebrity tweeting her hate out to the World Wide Web. Lindsay Lohan and Joan Rivers can't resist either, same with model Chrissy Teigen as she bashed punky Avril Lavigne. So we asked, Why do celebrities resort to Twitter feuding?

Obviously, it's all for the attention, and 74 percent of you seconded that by voting that twit bitching is a playground for publicity seekers. But we chuckle at the fact that 16 percent also said the fighting between celebs is out of pure boredom.


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