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William & Kate's Royal Wedding

The wedding is over, but the parties have just begun.

Immediately after the newly minted Princess (which we prefer to Duchess of Cambridge) Kate Middleton tied the knot with Prince William, the music kicked in and the Pimm's started flowing.

So how wild are things in Londontown?

Off the hook!

The craziness began this morning in the streets lining Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, where royal madness ruled and fans could be seen popping champagne and twisting out wine corks while decked out in silly hats, fancy dresses and wrapped in Union Jack flags.

Not even all that horse poop or one elder woman partyer (done up in a pink suit and enormous matching pink hat) collapsing and being hauled away could dampen anyone's spirits. Medics came to her aid about two hours before the ceremony kicked off and, thankfully, the festively dressed lady appeared to be coming to as she was being assisted to and wheeled away.

But other than that incident and a few rowdies being collared for disturbing the peace, the street celebrations have been awesome.

Around every corner from the Abbey, and from the West End of the city to the East End, there are raucous festivities. Some celebrants are wearing top hats, some are dressed in their own version of a wedding gown, many are draped in British flags and face paint. Some are wearing very realistic Wills and Kate masks. All are partying hard on what has been declared a national holiday.

"We're out because we feel as if we were part of the wedding, like it's one big reception," said Anne Macloud. "We're all with them. You've got to get involved. Kate looked so beautiful, it's just every girl's dream isn't it? It was a beautiful day and we're here to celebrate."

Another postwedding partygoer was just thrilled she had the day off from her job at an art gallery.

"The wedding was fantastic, but we all have the day off anyway, why not take advantage?" native Londonder Chloe Hotchinson told E! News. "I plan on drinking, dancing, celebrating. It's just such a happy atmosphere today, such a happy vibe going around."

Many bashes are already featuring live bands, DJs, champagne stands and general drunkenness smack in the middle of the afternoon. Most pubs are also packed and spilling into the streets, making for impromptu parties on corners.

"Personally I thought Kate looked nervous, so I came out drinking for her," said wedding watcher David Shaw, who was knocking them back at London's Book Club, where you get in free if you show identification that proves your name is Catherine or William. "She looked skinny but she pulled it off, we're proud to have her. I guess that's what we're all out celebrating. You won't see this again until William has a child. Unless Harry gets married, but that won't be like this. This is historic."

Katie Smith was sidewalk squatting with her pals following a viewing of the wedding at a pub, because, she said, she had to conserve her energy.

"I'll be partying until tomorrow is the plan, at least well into the night," she told us. "I feel like I was part of something, part of their celebration. They are modern and a change from what we've known and what we're used to and the country needed it. I thought she [Kate] did a great job and we all just want to celebrate them."

And it wasn't solely about Kate (and that dress! OMG that dress!). Londoner Alex Kelly, a fan of Wills who had begun hitting parties at 8 a.m., came out with two male pals to celebrate the prince finding the perfect gal. (So, yeah, it really still is about Kate.)

"She looked fit [Brit slang for hot or pretty]," Kelly told us. "She actually looked perfect, I'd say."

We'd agree.

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