William & Kate's Royal Wedding

The deed is done.

As of moments ago, Prince William is a married man, and Kate Middleton is a married… Well, what exactly?

According to royal expert Angela Rippon, a commentator for E!'s royal wedding coverage, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton "immediately and automatically" became Princess Catherine upon marrying William.

But that's not all. Hours before they exchanged vows, the former commoner was given the title Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. William made out like a bandit, getting three new fancy monograms, including one that makes a nice matching set with Kate's, His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge. 

According to Rippon, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were "available" titles, and, hence, good bets to be gifted to the kids by William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The good news about titles is that no matter what you get stuck with, you don't get stuck with anything bad. 

"There are no titles that are 'better than others," Rippon says. "It's more a matter or hierarchy . So Duke comes before Earl, Viscount, Lord, etc."

Of course, on this day, "newlyweds" fits both William and Kate best of all.

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