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When last we were together, we went on a magic mushroom carpet ride of emotion through Callie's traumatic brain injury. And let us tell you, that girl likes her coworkers hooking up. Tonight's journey on Grey's Anatomy was a little less musical, but still a warp speed time machine ride through lies and recovery.  Who lived, who lied and which doctor got a huge payday? Get your flux capacitor up to 88 miles per hour, or even better, just keep reading…


Dr. Torres, Medicine Ball Woman: Remember that time when Callie (Sara Ramirez) went head first through a windshield and it seriously messed her up? Well so did the continuity fairy. It's nice to see that Callie hasn't had a completely miraculous healing and we get to see some of her struggle to walk, get function back in her hands and hold the teeny tiny baby. 

Let's Do the Time Warp Again: Maybe we spoke too soon about the miraculous recover. We like a good flashforward as much as the next person, but boy, was that a lot of story told in 42 minutes. Callie and baby recover, Alex (Justin Chambers) creates and executes an African baby journey, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) single handedly compromises the Alzheimer's trial and that's not even the half of it. In this episode we got the set up and the pay off, but it seems like we missed most of the hard work in between.

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Some Guys Have All the Luck: Alex learned a valuable lesson, being mean and a grifter (as Lexie put it) pays off big in the end.  Good thing too because I'm not sure Alex Karev would look good in an orange jumpsuit. Due to the power of the flash forward, just when the mean old lady flatlined and all hope was lost, we get credit card fraud and African orphan lifesaving check for 200 grand. Not too shabby. Really the African orphans were the big winners, but this won't hurt Alex's chances for Chief Resident.

Dr. Stark hates African Orphans: OK, Dr. Stark (Peter MacNichol) doesn't hate African orphans, but he is really mad at April (Sarah Drew). Even though she was his friend, and said the sweetest things about him, he shoots her down with an "It's Dr. Stark to you." And a mean sneer maybe an evil cackle too. Ouch, buddy, completely unnecessary. April you should save your kindness for someone who'd appreciate it, like maybe that grifter Karev.

Secrets and Lies: Oh, Meredith, how are you going to keep this giant mammoth of a secret from your post-it husband? Post-its must emotionally affect Meredith because as soon as she saw Adele (Loretta Devine) Post-it reminder of her husband we just knew it cut her to the core. And when Meredith switched Adele's top-secret medicine or placebo paper we were screaming for her to stop fumbling and get out of there pronto. It's pretty much a given that this will come back to bite them. But we're pretty proud of Meredith for doing that.


Take Me Home Tonight: Read our interview (do it!) with James Tupper to find out if Dr. Trauma will whisk Teddy away or will she choose her sweet devoted husband? She's not teaching Cristina and she's not choosing Noel, so maybe it's time to hit the road?

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Nice Day for a White Wedding: A Callie-Arizona white wedding to be exact. These ladies deserve something good in their lives but we can't imagine a Shonda Rhimes written wedding will go off without at least a little hitch. Can you say "in-laws?" Well, can you? We can't hear you...

We Are the Champions: Dr. Pretty Eyes is bringing his big guns to this chief resident fight, and a little Harper Avery name dropping never hurt anyone.  Who will be the victor? We'll find out in the season finale.

Let's Adopt: It's a little convenient a few children show up at the hospital just when Meredith and Derek want a baby. But we are all for it! We so want them to adopt an adorable African orphan. And from the looks of next week's promo Derek is for it it. Please, Shonda, pretty please.

So what'd you think about tonight's episode? Did you love the Callie-Arizona-Mark fam finally leaving the hospital with the baby? Did Meredith do the right thing for Adele? Are you confused by our bevy of '80s music or Back to the Future references? Hit the comments and let us know!

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