William & Kate's Royal Wedding

It takes a royal to know a royal. And seeing as how Kate Middleton is just hours away from entering that rather exclusive club, none other than Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia took the time to sit down with E! News and offer up some advice to the bride-to-be.

So what could she possibly tell Prince William's better half that she doesn't already know? Well…nothing, actually.

"How old is she? Twenty-nine? I think she probably knows already. It was much harder for Diana, Diana was 20. She was very green.  I think the whole thing must have been terrifying."

As for Kate, much unlike that royal wedding, she'll likely emerge from hers with the full support of the royal family.

"It depends on how she interacts with them," Elizabeth said. "She looks as though she can handle it."

We couldn't agree more—now if only this wedding would hurry up and get here already!

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