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From the moment he arrived on Survivor: Redemption Island, Boston Rob's victory seemed preordained.

He asserted his leadership, established his fan club alliances, is ruthless and cunning—and he has the protection of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

But could God have other plans for Awesome Rob?

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While everyone else is watching American Idol, God is apparently watching over Matt—who stands a good chance to honor his Savior with a million bucks unless Rob can find a way to oust him from Redemption Island.

Survivor Shuffleboard: Tonight's Redemption Island challenge—which ended predictably in Julie's defeat, despite some teasing by the Almighty early on—is a metaphor for this entire season. It's plodding, slow, lacks real action and excitement—and the players aren't going anywhere. They're just shuffling back and forth between camp, Redemption Island, and now the jury. Sure, a few discs were hit outta the court, but I haven't given up on the possibility of Russell Hantz rising up Hunger Games-style from the bowels of the Redemption Island Arena to get this party started.

Peace Out: After Rob stabbed him in the back (twice), Matt took another hit from God. But this time, said Matt, "He hit me with a lot of peace. I think I'm ready to go home. I feel like I came here to accomplish what I set out to do." Not so fast, Jeff Probst chortles after Matt's eighth consecutive victory: "God is not done...You are staying alive on Redemption Island whether you want to be here or not." Two questions: (1) Why didn't he issue proclamations like these to Na'Onka and Purple Kelly last season? (2) Will Pastor Probst tack on another day to this season so Matt can kick it the full 40 days, Jesus-style?

Crowded House: Matt's congregation is growing exponentially, and even though Julie left to find her own church, tonight's double-elimination meant both Ralph and Steve would be sleeping in the pews with Matt and Mike. For the sake of peace in those close quarters, let's hope Steve doesn't try to pick another "crazy" fight.

Fruit Loops: "You cannot mess with the Specialist!" crows Phillip. Why? "It's fruitile," using a surprisingly apropos nonsense word. "It's frivolous," he adds inanely. We might even suggest it's Francesqua! "Most people can't stand the truth," the former federal agent—and if by truth he means Phillip Sheppard, then we can't argue with that logic.

Vision Quest: "You can't pull the wool over the undercover specialist," but thanks to great-great-granddaddy Jessum Herring, said specialist can cover his pink panties with a respectable pair of swim trunks. If only Survivor would introduce another Hidden Immunity Idol so the full-blooded Cherokee ancient could reveal its location to Phillip in a vision and shake things up around camp. What's that you say, Grandpa Jessum? Oh, you're right: He would just hand it over to Awesome Rob.

Let Them Eat Cake: Challenge winner Grant insists he was employing a "strategy" in selecting Matt's self-proclaimed spirit-breaker Andrea to join him and Rob in the chocolate feast. But how many strategic moves does Grant have left? He has to see that he is now Rob's greatest threat at camp. This point in the game—when the original alliance has to start turning on itself—is usually exciting, but not this time. The only thing this group is fighting for is Rob's approval and affection; do they even know a million-dollar prize is at stake?

Matt does. And so does God.

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