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Dear Ted:
Are you a complete idiot? I just read your piece on Alex Pettyfer and aside from the fact that he doesn't bash women in the interview, everything he said is true, which you should well know, being a Hollywood bottom-feeder yourself. I have a suggestion: Take your fake indignation try and find something useful with it. The Republicans want to dismantle Medicare. That is something to get upset about, not some kid who dares to speak the truth. FYI: "C--t" in British usage does not refer to "the ladies," and his lower abdomen tattoo says "Alex" in Kanji. It was a joke. Do you even know what a joke is? It frightens me that there are people who hang on your every word when you are so clearly clueless.

Dear Pissy:
The C-word is one of the most offensive words in America, which is where Alex used it. Yes, some of us are fully aware of how those charming Brits swish the C-word ‘round day and night, but not everyone is as attuned to the idiosyncrasies of English talk (where fag is a cig, etc.) as you demand. That insensitivity, coupled with Alex's nascent fame, ingratitude and his reportedly bad breakup with Dianna Agron, adds up to a guy who doesn't seem to have a clue about being a lasting public figure.

Dear Ted:
I am a huge fan of yours and a huge fan of The Hunger Games. I am loving all the casting suggestions I have been seeing lately, and I have one for you: How about Anderson Cooper for President Snow? I know he is a pretty nice guy, but he also has that pretty-boy look that President Snow is described as having, right down to the full lips. I know it will never happen, but I think he's got the right look, just needs to be made to look eviler.

Dear Casting Ouch!
Hmmm. Wonder what Anderson thinks of that idea? Think we can pull him in from some world-crisis locale long enough to ask him? Personally, I think it's a most interesting idea, and remember, Anderson's mother is Gloria Vanderbilt. Nobody's more capable of channeling evil better than the super rich.

Dear Ted:
Give Alex Pettyfer a break! I understand the knee-jerk reaction, but he's British and "c--t" has a very different connotation in the U.K. If he were from the States he would have used a-hole or f--kers. Are you trying to stir the pot? Yes, he's a 20-year-old t--t or idiot (as we say) for the tattoo (if he wasn't joking), but a misogynist he's not. I doubt you'd have nice things to say about L.A. if your engagement went down in flames and really nasty things were said about you. Whether true, exaggerated or simply false, it has to hurt a great deal living in the fish bowl after that messy breakup.

Dear Nice Try:
Sorry but, if this country's so hell-bent on raking people over the coals for the N-word or the F-word, why the hell shouldn't the C-word (which is used in America almost solely to denigrate women) be added to the list? Pettyfer knew exactly the incendiary reaction he would get. He's not dumb. Arrogant, but not dumb. And I have watched my relationship go down in flames, and I have had horrible things said about me. I don't blame my geography for those problems—it's lazy and stupid to do so.

Dear Ted:
In your recent article about Alex Pettyfer, you again mention his nasty breakup with Dianna Argon. I feel like he is being completely made out to be the bad guy in their breakup. He obviously has a temper, but I'm wondering if it was really all his fault. I know both parties are usually to blame for a relationship's demise, but didn't know if you have any inside scoop.

Dear Tiff:
Yes, I do have some scoop on their breakup, and of course, it' wasn't all his fault. Dianna and Alex had very strong disagreements over some major issues. But it's how you handle those disagreements that define you, and I think's Alex's self definitions are coming through pretty loud and clear right now.

Dear Ted:
Regarding Shelia Horn E. Is she a highly acclaimed actress? Even with her success in front of the camera, does she also have some not so purrrrrrfect roles on her resume?
Fame Gamer

Dear Fame:
Do you have a fur-ball in your computer or something, can't quite understand what you're saying?

Dear Ted:
I've just recently found you and I love your work. Express yourself, man! What better job could there be? I am hoping to find out if you know of any occasions where an attempt to ban Michael Jackson was made. Specifically, I have a child in middle school and during choir, they sing "Thriller." My objection is about the man—about the message that we give to children by continuing to honor and idolize him. The statistics say that one in three girls or one in six boys are sexually abused before they are 18. So the children in that choir class are given a message that we just don't care if they were sexually abused. I'd like to change that. So far, my concerns have been dismissed by the choir teachers and the principal. Do you know of any situations similar to mine that might be helpful?
Janet Dowell

Dear Janet:
I do not, but you've got two great tools for taking your concerns—which I think are valid—and making something out of them: your gut and your computer. I agree that Jackson's image is being massively reinvented after his death, and his darker moments and accusations of child abuse are being completely whitewashed. But it's a tough call: How do you still respect Jackson's magnificent artistry and your children at the same time? I can't think of anybody better to help figure that cause out than a parent. And keep making noise about it!

Dear Ted:
What would you think about Michael Vartan for Cinna in The Hunger Games? He keeps popping into my head for some reason. Thanks for making me smile every day, I am a total Ted addict!

Dear Perfect:
Can't think of anybody better for the somewhat serious, self-sacrificing Cinna who's sexual bent is never quite answered. Flawless casting!

Dear Ted:
My rescue kitty Jose and I think that Hugh Laurie or even Robert Downey Jr. would be best for Haymitch in The Hunger Games. When I was reading the books, I pictured the character to be more like Hugh Laurie with the old, bad-boy RDJ attitude for some reason.

Dear Half-Way:
Totally with you on Downey Jr., just not feeling Laurie (as many other folks have suggested him for the crucial and evil Haymitch, as well). I'm sure I could be proven wrong, the guy's très talented—just wish we could see some major names called in for the role, like Robert or even Brad Pitt, to go against type. Feel like the franchise needs one more marquis name, since they're admirably staying away from that, so far, with less- known actors.

Dear Ted:
Just a note of thanks for keeping a little bit of balance in your coverage and not becoming a slave to royal wedding news. So ready for Friday to come and go so we don't have to hear about things like royal forests in the Abbey, false dress designer leads, Party Pieces as a cash cow and street parties anymore. Doesn't mean we won't have an opinion about the dress though. Let them eat that stinkin' fruit cake already

Dear Unromantic:
Oh come on, it beat's the hell out of listening to Charlie Sheen fall in love with himself, don't you think? And besides, our coverage doesn't have to all be love stuff.

Dear Ted:
My puppies would love to know if Pokie McPillster and Me-Me Dallas are friends. Me too, actually! Are they?

Dear Puppy Love:

Dear Ted:
You know, when Alex Pettyfer first came out I was genuinely happy for him because I'm sure for it's hard to break into the biz. He had two movies out before anybody even knew who he was. But almost immediately there were rumors of his douche-bag ways that didn't stay rumors very long. What an ungrateful little snot. Im sure his parents are so proud.

Dear All I Know:
Is that his ex girlfriend isn't.

Dear Ted:
I am so addicted to these Blinds. Is Cookie Muncher Demi Moore? I know it is!

Dear Wrong Mature Beauty:
Think same everything (career, hot man), just different M.O.

Dear Ted:
I am so irritated at all the flack my boyfriend Robert Pattinson always gets. He's mocked for being in a franchise about vampires, but his movies outside of Twilight don't make enough money for the critics, and then his skills as an actor are questioned. I'd like to see some equality in criticism. What's the difference between Rob and, say, Daniel Radcliffe? Riddle me that!

Dear Secret GF:
Does Kristen Stewart know about you?

Dear Ted:
Since you're from Texas and love animals, pretty please publish the link for the organization I volunteer for, We never turn down a grey, no matter what their medical condition!

Dear Done:
And I love what you do! Doesn't hurt that my Charlie's half greyhound, either!

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