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William & Kate's Royal Wedding

This time there were no look-alikes involved.

The real-deal Kate Middleton and Prince William, along with select members of the royal wedding party, just hit Westminster Abbey for a last-minute rehearsal.

The run-through comes just hours after a full-on military procession ran through the London streets this morning featuring a fake Kate.

William, Kate, her parents and best man Prince Harry were on hand for the rehearsal, according to the elder prince's rep at St. James's Palace. They conferred with the Abbey's senior clergy in what is their last chance to iron out any kinks before the big shebang on Friday.

While the private tryout was going inside the vaunted venue, the area outside the Abbey is already thronged with fanatics. The squatters are fully equipped with hats, homemade banners and plenty of snacks and blankets for their two-day wait—camped on the sidewalk of Victoria Street.

The folks have come from near and far for a number of reasons.

• Decked out in a Union Jack hat and T-shirt, Cheryl Ptolomey, 59, came alone, but found two pals who had set up shop in comfy lawn chairs decked out in a Union Jack hat and T-shirt. "I want to see them kids get married, I'm British and I want to see it," she told E! News. "I got here today, my daughter came with me. I like the monarchy. My youngest son is the same age as them, it's wonderful to see them so happy."

• Sheree Zielkie, 55, flew in Monday and scoped out the area for hours before choosing her spot. A passerby who saw her with just a blanket presented her with an inflatable mattress, accepting no money for the gift. "I did reconnaissance for a day and a half, walking around, checking out the area," she told us. "I also checked with a veteran who'd been here before. I had to come for the genuineness of William and Kate. I believe they're really in love."

• Seattle native Karen Anderson, 36, came on Tuesday not for the couple, but strictly for the fashion. "I just want to see the dress, TV won't do," she said. "I'm obsessed with wedding dresses." She was holding a handmade sign reading, "I'm not crazy I just want to see the dress!"

• Rosalind Osborne, from South Devon said she was out there because she saw Princess Diana get married and she now wants to "support" Kate. "She's bringing reality to the royals," Osbourne said.

• Some males even lined the route, like Sean Crabtree, 18, a Brit who wanted to "get [his] fill outside the telly."

And they all have prime viewing spots that look directly across the street to where Middleton will arrive.

But it wasn't all romance today—the homeless protesters are still refusing to budge and bomb-sniffing dogs could be seen walking with police outside the Abbey, checking along newly erected gates and standing near flower beds.

For everyone's sake, let's hope this party doesn't having any poopers.

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