Chrissy Teigen, Avril Lavigne

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After John Legend's girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen, spewed some serious Avril Lavigne hate on her Twitter account earlier this week, the Avril nation defended their queen's honor by attacking Teigen.

Teigen retweeted a few of the especially vicious remarks from Avril's fans before making her own totally half-assed apology...

"I would formally like to apologize but only one of those ‘sorry you are offended' apologies. Because I am," Teigen tweeted Tuesday. "I spew out terrible opinions and observations all day and didn't think twice about that one."

At least this chick has a sense of humor! And she looks good in a bikini!

But we'll give Avril props for not engaging in this public, one-sided Tweud. The popstar has ignored the insults and has yet to make any mention of it on her Twitter account. Plus, Avril's rep hasn't returned requests for comment.

In the meantime, Teigen continues to be tweet-happy on the issue:

"Great. My Seinfeld quote put me into an 'avril lavigne feud'. Why can't I be in a 'the goods' feud?" wrote Teigen. "This isn't even about her anymore. Really. I honestly believe this new species I have found is AMAZING. This provides me endless entertainment. I hope it has for you as well."

And it appears the "species" of Avril defenders are especially viscious when provoked. One example: "FabiSecrets @ChrissyTeigen First: Learn how to speak ENGLISH Second: WATCH a Avril's Show, Live! Third: F-CK YOU FROM THE A V R I L's FANs! KISS KISS"

Whoa there, Avrilites, let's all play nice!

"So much for the avril lavigne / John legend torpedo of truth tour I've been tirelessly working on," Teigen responded.

But put down your swords, Avril nation, Teigen has already moved on to hating another type of person, tweeting, "if you say 'acrossed' instead of 'across' please fall asleep forever."

Time to say goodnight to this feud.

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