Paris Hilton, Sarah Shahi

Danny Manhoney/XS Tryst Las Vegas;Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Paris Hilton has had her incidents behind the wheel, but almost crashing into Sarah Shahi isn't one of them, she says.

"Just to clear up some rumor going around," Hilton tweeted, directing her followers to an Extra interview in which she insists she wasn't even on the road that day, let alone barreling through Beverly Hills.

"I was so shocked when I read that, too," Hilton told Mario Lopez at the Grove, referring to the story that sprung from a series of Shahi tweets in which she called Paris the "worst driver ever" and a "horrible excuse for a human being."

"First of all, I wasn't even driving that day," the unwitting roadblock said. "I just came back from Vegas with my boyfriend—and we were home relaxing. I hadn't even been in the car that day. I literally came with a driver from the airport and went to my house. Then later on I read that, I'm like 'Dude, I wasn't even driving,' so I don't know. Maybe it was some other blond girl who looked like me."

There's been no Twitter response from Shahi yet, her last post referring to the Paris situation being from Friday and reading: "One more thing blonde piece of s--t—you're not an elitist just because you have money. You should apologize... To humanity. nowi'mdone."

If indeed that was not her on the road that day, Hilton is being awfully gracious about this.

"There are a lot of Paris Hilton look-alikes, who do it for a living," she insisted. "They're always doing things and I'm getting blamed for it. So this could be another incident like that."

And if Hilton is lying, golly gee, that is one lousy excuse!

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