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Raising virtual pets is weird enough, but now there's an Android app that lets you raise them to fight!

And Alicia Silverstone is having none of it.

"Dear Mr. Pope and officials of Kage Games," the vegan actress wrote in a letter to Google CEO Larry Pope, provided by PETA to E! News. "When I read about the new game Dog Wars, I couldn't believe my eyes."

And she's not alone...

"As a mom-to-be and someone who has adopted and loved rescued pit bulls," she continued, "I join PETA's millions of members in imploring you to cancel this game immediately. If one dog dies as a result of this game, you will not forgive yourself."

Silverstone isn't the only celeb speaking out, either.

"I've come to learn the hard way that dogfighting is a dead-end street," read a statement from none other than Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who spent 21 months in prison for his role in a dogfighting ring.

"Now, I am on the right side of this issue, and I think it's important to send the smart message to kids, and not glorify this form of animal cruelty, even in an Android app.", the Humane Society and PETA have also issued statements condemning the game, which, the game's maker points out, is just a game.

"What makes the Google Android platform special is it gives the freedom and responsibility to the individual users to decide what to put on their phones as opposed to Apple making value judgments on our behalf," said a rep for Kage Games, which apparently considers not being on iTunes a badge of honor.

According to, an Android phone fan site, Dog Wars was missing from the Android market as of Tuesday afternoon and there's plenty of speculation that it was Vick's shout-out that did it.

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