Kalia Prescott, Ian Nelson


You all know where to get your Hunger Games casting fix, and Lionsgate refuses to starve us when it comes to day-by-day feeds! Like what lucky newcomers are landing the remaining roles alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and even Paula Malcomson.

Surprise, surprise there seems to be a major common thread on this future set. Games casting is all about new faces making first splashes in what is anticipated to be the best futuristic movie saga to date.

Although their characters are unnamed in Suzanne Collins' work of brilliance, Ian Nelson and Kalia Prescott have officially been cast to play the tech-savvy male and female tributes from District 3.

Trust us, you won't want to forget these nameless faces:

Because they are both super cute, and going places after these small stints with THG!

To break it down for the non-readers:

Nelson's character is a very skilled tech junkie who loves his electronics. He and Prescott's character make up the electronics-producing region of the super dystopian country of Panem. And although they don't come in major handy during the Games we think some of you may find this male tribute promising.

Not to mention, Ian's got some piercing green eyes that we swear have laser-beam or electronic power behind them. His pretty boy-ness could give Josh Hutcherson—who will play Peeta—a run for those cute, pouty features of his.

On the female side of the casting, Kalia's character has one very heartbreaking scene with her family in the book, and even though the actress herself has only really worked as a stunt girl, Prescott's the definition of potential.

That stunt experience is perfect for a thriller of this sort, and this is one big friggin' break.

While we all love to tag a big name to a big movie series, maybe it's time to ditch the A-list cast chasing. The Hunger Games may just bring out the new batch of Hollywood's greatest.

Robsten had to start somewhere, right? Keep those fresh, cute faces coming until Games time! They may just breakthrough.

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