Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is a happy lady today. She did really well on last night's Dancing With the Stars. She and Louis gyrated to an impressive 25 points with a steamy samba that ended with the E! reality star on top of the judges desk jiggling her naughty bits for birthday boy Len Goodman.

But no pain, no gain, right? Kendra admits she's hurtin'.

Read on for the deets...

You looked like you were having a lot of fun last night.
For once I can say I had fun out there. I mean, I really did. The second I heard that I had the samba, I said, "This is my week! This is the 'Go Kendra' dance!"

Did you know you know you were doing so well while you were dancing?
Oh, yeah! My spirit, my soul and my heart were in the dance. Everything was in the dance. It was like a party on the dance floor. I felt like I was in Rio for the night. It was definitely a guilty pleasure for me.

Your body is looking pretty amazing, too. That yellow outfit!
The outfit I wore last night was the skimpiest so far. Now that my body keeps getting better and better, the outfits keep getting smaller and smaller. I'm embracing it. I am proud that I'm getting back to my pre-baby weight.

Last week you told me you were fighting for producers to change the song they gave you were for the samba because you hated it. Was it "Livin' La Vida Loca"?
No. I ended up not having to worry about it because they couldn't get the song they wanted cleared. I love Ricky Martin.

Are you allowed to say what it was?
I don't know....But I'll say it was a song from the Spice Girls [laughs].

What's up for next week?
We don't know yet, but we have two dances next week. Usually, we get our dance and our music today or yesterday but we haven't gotten anything yet.

Oy. Two dances!
I know. It's beyond crazy. Right now I am so broken. What I am feeling right now is like being a car wreck. I have whiplash. I have a shoulder out of place because it came out of the socket the other week. My ankle is a little messed up. But I can still perform. The adrenalin is what pushes me through.

So you think you're going to keep dancing once the show is over?
I would love to take dances classes with my husband. Before I knew I was going to be on Dancing With the Stars, Hank and I actually had huge plans to go to dance class together. So now I asked Louis if he would be our teacher. He said, '"Of course!"

Now we want to hear from you. Do you think Kendra has a shot at taking home the mirror ball trophy? Chime in below.

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