Brandi Glanville, Leann Rimes

Norman Scott/, Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Brandi Glanville had better run, because LeAnn Rimes is seriously single-white-femaling new hubby Eddie Cibrian's first wife.

It started with the extreme weight loss, a reported boob job, a self-taken poolside bikini photo shoot and now it has gone to whole new (lower) level!

LeAnn pulled some serious copycat moves at her wedding Friday to Cibrian, and it looks like she took a page out of the ol' Glanville handbook once again...

Even down to the gown!

Serious second wife no-no.

While Brandi chose a strapless Reem Acra when she married Eddie in 2001, LeAnn also wore a Reem Acra wedding dress during her Friday nuptials in Malibu.

And both were springtime weddings: Eddie put a ring on Brandi in May, while he made an "honest" woman of LeAnn on April 22. Oh, and did we mention that both ceremonies took place at private homes near the beach?

This reminds us of our favorite quote from season two of Real Housewives of New Jersey. As Dina Manzo so eloquently remarked of Danielle Staub: "The girl is freakin' obsessed with me. I don't know if she wants to be me, or skin me and wear me like last year's Versace."

Careful, Brandi, if, despite her best efforts, LeAnn can't physically morph herself into you, we think the new Mrs. Cibrian definitely wants to "skin you and wear you like last year's Versace!"

But while LeAnn is obviously tweeting her excitement (put Twitter away already and go enjoy your new hubby!), Brandi released a statement to In Touch saying, "I'm very happy that my children will have consistency in their lives while on their father's time, and third time's a charm!"

Oh snap! Doesn't sound like the past and future Mrs. Cibrian will be having any more pizza parties together in the near future.

But if they do, at least they could drive there in their matching white Range Rovers!

Let's just hope that LeAnn stops the similarities here, because the next step would be a copycat affair followed by divorce, and we don't think you want that, do you, LeAnn?

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