Glee's big-deal, 90-minute "Born This Way" ep airs tomorrow night on Fox, and we just caught up with star Matthew Morrison for a few hints on what's to come.

Will Lady Gaga make a cameo in the episode named for her hit single? And what brings Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth back to McKinley High? Mr. Schue also gave us a little taste of what's to come for "Wemma" now that Gwyneth Paltrow is out of the way. Press play above to find out what our favorite TV teacher wants you to know about this week's Glee, and then jump inside to hear how the multihyphenate star celebrates Earth Day:

Morrison says that Lady Gaga will not be in the Glee ep (oh well, we'll just watch her "Born This Way" video on youtuberepeat), but that April (Chenoweth) comes back after her "all-white production of The Wiz on Broadway" fails to take off. (Whodathunk?)

Are you excited for Glee's "Born This Way"? What's your favorite storyline these days? Hit the comments!

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