It's been another nonstop thrill ride of a week. And just in case you were dozing or drooling at work and unable to spend valuable office time absorbed in the Soup blog, here's your recap.

1. American Idol: When it comes to his considered opinions on the singing hopefuls, loose-lipped Steven Tyler tells it exactly like if is. F---in' bravo. sir.

One down, four to go, kids!

2. 90210: Annie has a monkey on her back. Hopefully it doesn't have rabies.

3. America's Next Top Model: When is a shapely bottom not a blessed female attribute? When said female is attempting to become a top model.

4. Ghost Adventures: What's scarier than haints from beyond the grave? Listening to Zak Bagans attempt to scare up a sentence beyond a second grade level.

5. Celebrity Apprentice: Who can make cooking a steak for Donald Trump into an act of mind-warping insanity? If you said Gary Busey open wide.

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