Antoine Dodson Mugshot

The YouTube-powered dude who warned us all to "hide yo kids" must have forgotten to hide his stash!

Viral video sensation Antoine Dodson was arrested early this morning after police in Huntsville, Ala., allegedly found him to be in possession of marijuana.

But wait, there's more...

Mr. Dodson, 24, was also booked for failing to appear twice for traffic tickets, speeding and failing to have liability insurance. The momentous occasion was commemorated with a mug shot and fingerprints and Antoine was sent on his way without having to post bond.

Which means he'll be able to show in person up should he win the MTV OMA he's up for next week.

Just to be safe, better hide yo kids.

—Reporting by Marcus Mulick


UPDATE April 26, 2011: Dodson has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor possession of marijuana, failure to appear on a traffic charge, failure to have car insurance, and speeding. The next hearing is set for July.

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