Lady Gaga


Are Lady Gaga's performances good enough to make your heart stop?!

Well, not totally.

However, there was this 33-year-old Tennessee woman who had to get resuscitated after her heart stopped for five minutes during the Gaga concert!

Oh, you didn't hear?

Here's what happened...

Crystal Thornton, from Lyles, Tenn., was enjoying the concert's opening act at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville when she had a seizure, according to information provided by Vanderbilt Medical Center. 

Her best friend and fellow concertgoer, Christine Tugman, told CNN, "She stopped breathing, her eyes rolled back in her head, and her body started twitching. I was asking if she was OK, and she wasn't responding."

Tugman managed to track down an EMT, who confirmed that "the patient was unconscious with no heartbeat."

Paramedics spent over five minutes trying to get a heartbeat with a portable automated external defibrillator—and finally succeeded.

As of Friday afternoon, Thornton was said to be in stable condition. But she did have one thing to say...

"I am so mad I missed the concert."

Talk about a die-hard fan!

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