Jennifer Del Rio, Josh Smith


Who knew MTV really stood for Mothers Turned Violent?

This time around, it's 16 and Pregnant star Jennifer Del Rio who's in trouble for allegedly attacking her boyfriend, Josh Smith, hitting him in the face during a fight that turned ugly when he apparently tried to dump her.

The Hillsborough County, Fla., Sheriff's Department confirm to E! News that officers had to intervene yesterday when a scared Smith dialed 911 seeking salvation from his baby mama.

Sadly, this isn't the first instance of fisticuffs between the battling (former?) lovebirds...

In November, MTV cameras captured (and used in their promo clips for the show) Smith being hauled off in handcuffs as Jennifer screams, "Say goodbye to your kids, Josh, because you will never see them again!"

Then, earlier this month, Jennifer's father, Hernando, sought a restraining order against Smith on her behalf, claiming Smith allegedly attacked her, threatened to kidnap their 6-month-old twin boys, Joshua and Noah, then threatened to have her raped afterward.

However, the restraining order was dropped when Jennifer, 17, refused to go to court to testify after she and Smith, 20, apparently reconciled.

Yesterday, police took an incident report (which quotes Josh as saying an "irate" Jennifer "punched him in the face and pulled on his shirt" and he shoved back in self-defense) and forwarded it to the state attorney's office. No charges have been filed.

MTV had no comment.

Of course, the timing of all this is curious. The new season premiered last night—the same day the cops came a-calling at Jennifer and Josh's.

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