Gil Robbins, Mary Robbins, Tim Robbins

AP Photo/Courtesy Tim Robbins; Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Spare a thought for Tim Robbins. In fact, spare two.

Not only did his father, Gil Robbins, a folk singer-actor who appeared in three of his son's films and was a member of the Highwaymen, pass away at the age of 80 on April 5, but just 12 days later, this past Sunday, his 78-year-old musician mother, Mary, tragically followed suit.

Their deaths of the couple, who were married for 59 years at the time of their passing, were not related. Gil, whom Tim credited with his decision to become an actor, passed away after a battle with prostate cancer, while Mary's cause of death was listed as a heart arrhythmia. Both passings took place in the couple's home in Esteban Cantu, Mexico.

Rest in peace.

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