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Some people get what Robert Pattinson is about, and some don't. We thought really did understand R.Pattz's sexy frisson when they zeroed in on the leftover tension that still very much exists between Michael Angarano, Kristen Stewart and Pattz (even thought everybody pretends it doesn't).

So, it was with a bit of surprise when we saw the site's latest Robert lick-lick job, which mentions all the literary-classic-inspired flicks (besides his about-to-be-released Water For Elephants) Rob would be ideal for.

This list is all wrong.

It's full of all this anti-hero stuff like Brave New World, Catch-22 and Heart of Darkness (Catcher in the Rye's the only one they got right, actually) that really isn't Rob at all. This is so been there, done that. This eternal fighting between vamps and wolves is basically the same warring stuff. It's also not where Pattinson shines best in the Twilight franchise.

It's all about Bella.

Rob's best when he has a sexy chick like Reese Witherspoon or Kristen Stewart to act all restrained and internally insane for—not when he's mad at the world.

Unless this is a new side of Mr. Pattinson we haven't seen?

We say stick with where your heart radiates, Rob, and that's when it's in love.

So instead, we insist you remake The Notebook, Love Story, Brokeback Mountain, hell, even Moulin Rouge, for heaven's sake! Go gay and do a musical, hot!

And spare us any more downtrodden fighting against the world's evils, Rob. We're done!

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