Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth


Dear Ted:
So if The Hunger Games bombs, will Miley Cyrus dump Liam Hemsworth yet again?

Dear Negative:
While we were not the most enthusiastic about the pair getting back on the couple wagon, we always support some good karma. The dude is a babe, and movie flop or not, he could find himself a fine female. Still, thinking that the most anticipated movie of the upcoming year is going to suck is pretty harsh. Wait until it hits theaters to bash on that sexy Australian. He's got some talent in him, and if he proves he actually doesn't, at least we know his brother Chris Hemsworth will rock his main role in Thor. But sorry, Miley, no double-dipping with siblings! That's just wrong.

Dear Ted:
You said, when talking about Kristen Stewart in the role of Elizabeth Taylor: "Elizabeth loved the spotlight, whereas Kris detests all the attention." But isn't that why it's called acting? While I'm not a fan of the Twilight franchise, I think it's quite possible that the girl can act. No?

Dear Let It Go:
No doubt do I believe that Kristen is a great actress, but come on, this is Taylor we are talking about. As much as Elizabeth wouldn't have wanted Kristen to play her, I'm sure Kristen isn't that into playing someone her total opposite. Then again, that would be one hell of a challenge! Still, no director would make that casting call. Sorry! It has to be someone fleshier and flashier. Just glad you didn't say Ashley Greene, whew!

Dear Ted:
Call me crazy, but are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick OK? In every picture I see of the couple it looks like SJP is happy while M.B. is not. I've even seen pictures where he seems to be pulling away from her and trying not to hold her hand. Is she just more comfortable with the spotlight? I hope all is good in their world. They both seem like nice people and are very cute together.

Dear Body Language Translator:
They are and they do. But look, sometimes couples just don't enjoy PDA. Not everyone can be like A-Rod and Cameron Diaz. Normal, real-love peeps respect their own privacy, and want it respected. Not to say I know what you mean, though.

Dear Ted:
Could you maybe give Denise Richards a break for once? She is doing what a decent, responsible parent should do by keeping her trap shut during a very public disruption in her children's lives. Regardless of what her motivation might be, it's the best thing for the kids involved, and you should leave it at that.

Dear Truth Defender:
Well, as long as she's protecting doggies, I'm all about Denise.

Dear Ted:
What about Nathan Fillion as Haymitch in The Hunger Games? I certainly wouldn't want to lose Castle, but I think Nathan could totally pull off the scruffy, harsh Haymitch and the kinder, emotionally torn Haymitch as well. It would be something different, but I think it could be great. Am I completely crazy, or do you think it could work?

Dear Off Your Rocker:
Occasionally? I kid, I kid. Aside from your monologue, I'd say I can't totally nix the Canadian actor. He does have that look you are talking about, but does he have the right experience?

Dear Ted:
What's with British pretty boys hooking up with American tomboys? You've got Rob and Kristen, Andrew Garfield and Shannon Woodward, and now Max Irons and Emily Browning. I was curious if this is just a coincidence or not in your gossipy eyes, or if there's a reason these pretty boy hunks go for the spunkier, less girly breed.

Dear Trend Stopper:
I mean, it's obvious. These lads like their women less uptight than the stereotypical Euro class they deal with back in the homeland. The Kristen Stewart-esque spunky-ass attitude is different, and as we all know good men like their lovers unique. We love seeing mixed and matched, especially when hunky Brits are involved.

Dear Ted:
Your last post does not make me change my mind. I've danced ballet for 10 years, so I know how hard it is. Still, I've carefully read everything I could about Black Swan, since the moment I learned the movie was being made, so I'm definitely Team Natalie. She's the best and worked really hard for it. What's your take on this? Why is Sarah Lane being such a bitch to Nat?

Dear Dance Off:
Bitch is a harsh word for Sarah, don't you think? While I'm actually leaning toward Team Natalie (barely) in this whole ballerina fiasco, I do think that Lane deserved the proper credit, and as a dancer, I'm sure you know that you all love to be praised for good work. Let them both take a bow and let's get this crap over with already!

Dear Ted:
My rescue love, Cupcake, and I would like to know if Charlie Sheen has ever come out and denied Denise Richards' claim that he was responsible for the death of their dog. It seems he talks about everything and everyone else, but I've never read or seen a denial from him. Keep on championing the rights of our four-legged friends. They need all the help they can get!
—Cupcake and Liz

Dear Doggy & Co.:
No denial besides some angry tweets calling Denise a dognapper and some much harsher words. Typical. Thanks for all your love and support!

Dear Ted:
I've been dreaming of Henry Cavill lately. I think he is going to be great as Superman. But do you think he is sumptuously hot or consciously sexy?

Dear Drooling:
I'm going to say both. Even though I have no idea what you mean. Adjectives aside, he's all kinds of friggin' hot and sexy!

Dear Ted:
I just saw the new trailer for Crazy, Stupid, Love starting Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. And after watching it, I gotta admit Emma and Ryan would be the hottest Young Hollywood couple. What do you think?

Dear Ewww:
While Emma is hilarious and all, no. Ryan is the epitome of Hollywood's gorgeous, golden man, and he should be dating someone his equal—not just some funny girl with a pretty face. Best believe, onscreen there is always chemistry. That's why they call it acting, after all. These two would be putty in Robsten's hands, please.

Dear Ted:
Kate Bosworth bikini pics...lovely face, as always. Torso, OK. Legs, scary thin. Three sets in two days, all three distinctly different swimsuits, including the close-but-no-nip "topless" pics. Unfortunate invasion of her privacy or total cry for attention? Eager for your thoughts.

Dear Skinnies Cry Too:
I'll say it a billion times over, the gal is in denial and her hunk of a man is just going up in his acting career while she waits at the bottom for him to fully commit. She's gorge and needs to nip these rumors in the bud or dump him and find a man who will sun bathe and swim nakie with her, too! Now that would be a Skarsworthy sight to see.

Dear Ted:
Is Dashed Dingle-Dream a country singer?

Dear Yee-Naw:
Nope. Not even close, but thanks for bringing Dash back!

Dear Ted:
Any truth to the rumors of Dianna Agron and Chris Evans dating?

Dear Yes, and I Don't Know:
Some say yes, but other sources aren't really coming out with a concrete answer. I feel like it's all talk. There is no way she could bounce back from that hard of a fall with her ex Alex Pettyfer. When you're that in love, you don't move on in a month. Not for anything worth writing about.

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