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Some rude randos can sit behind a computer screen and bitch all day on the boards, but as soon as a big-name star gets sassy on a fan, they get murdered alive! (Yes, sometimes by us.)

Yes, we are talking about you, Lea Michele! With all the uproar from the goss that Lea was bitchily imitating a Glee fan in a snooty, high-pitched voice at Coachella this past weekend, we can't help but say:

So what? Let ‘em bitch. They're still human, right?

It's almost as if there is some kind of double standard that states if you're making the big bucks and everyone loves you, you have to love every single fan right back.

Wrong. Celebrities have bad days just like the rest of us. Granted, divalicous Lea was enjoying herself at the music festival of the year, but we all know she can get fussy when someone's stealing her much needed attention.

Still, it doesn't mean the Glee gal, or any other A-listers, should be black-listed when they get snarky on us.

Obviously, Lea is not alone in this hold-your-bitching battle. Just last week we told you how Breaking Dawn castmember Kellan Lutz was dubbed a jerk face when leaving local Metropolitan Movie Theatre with costar Peter Facinelli sans his standard smile.

Hello? It was pouring rain. You wouldn't be all smiles either, trust.

And all of the above antics pale in comparison to the heinous things some of you guys say on our boards. Why isn't somebody calling you all out?

Still, pretty much, we can all agree that a celeb's career is stuck in neutral without their trusty fan base, but that doesn't mean they must play nice 24/7 in your star-struck presence. Well, unless you're Robsten.

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